First Paid Client

So, today we got the first paid client. I've been busy with other things so I've neglected this project. But this may be the thing needed to get me started again on promoting this more.

In total it has more than 170 freemium users. Also everything is ruining smoothly, I didn't had to release an update in a long time, now that I think about it, I think I've lunched it too late as after lunch only a few small changes were needed.

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    💪 an awesome way to get you back into a project. Congrats, man!

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      Definitely, this still won't cover my server costs but it's a start.
      Thank you! :)

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    Congratulations. Listen to what your users want and you'll get many more.

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      Thank you! :) Yeah, I'm trying to listen to my users, but they usually don't offer any feedback.

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        Getting feedback can be hard. I use hotjar in page survey and book calls with some to make more questions and listen to their pains.

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    Congrats! Getting your first customer/sale is one of the best feelings in business.

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    congratulations mike cant wait to get there too

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    Nice job! It looks like your product solves a real problem.

    Does having YT or Tube in the name violate anything? I found the name a little difficult to understand.

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      Not sure, I don't think it does.

      However, I've made the name like this to be able to scale it further if we get customers.
      My plan is to start with videos rank tracking and then extend it to websites too, but starting directly with websites would be hard as there are 1000s of solutions here.

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