December 15, 2019

Getting mentally ready for next week: 1000 visits


When we were somehow satisfied with the product our first step was to somehow lead at least 1000 people to see the product. As we are a tightly bootstrapped startup we are trying to do this with absolutely no budget. Having no idea how to accomplish that, we started with the classics, twitter digging and some forum posting.

Meanwhile I've decided that we somehow need a log to keep to remind us what we've done. Indiehackers maybe a suitable place for this as it has a zero hassle ui that could easily be used for this purpose.

It's funny the fact that you can create something matters far less than how connected you are to getting it publicly known.

There is this tool that may be of a need for some people out there, we'll see how many hoops we'll jump through to get it to them.

Rant over. Cheers.

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