February 28, 2020

First big testimonial!


I attended a SaaS conference last month. Apart from a lot of learnings (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/learnings-from-saasboomi-f23bdbff0d), I also met a co-founder who recognized our product instantly. Turns out, their whole team loves it!

We were able to get their testimonial (to be put on our website soon!) as well. Here's the verbatim feedback:
"Requestly is one tool which is like magic when you discover the first time. We deal with JS code which needs to run on 15K+ times and served more than billion times a month. Requestly comes in really handy when testing our dev code in third party website."

This brings us immense joy, knowing that we built something useful. Also, there might be more such people out there which we're not able to track right now (since our product does not require signing-in to start using), potentially losing out on (good / bad) feedback. How will you go about solving this problem?

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