October 17, 2019

500 members for Secret! Our user acq learnings

Jean-Loup Karst @JeanLoup

We are on a mission at https://www.joinsecret.com/ to help entrepreneurs save $$$ on SaaS when launching their business. We negotiated deals with AWS, Pipedrive, Airtable, Sendinblue, etc. It’s 100% free for startups.

We just hit the 500 members mark. What worked and what did not in terms of user acq?

What worked:

  • Partnerships with VCs & startups accelerators: ultimately we will replace their perks program. They don’t have the bandwidth to negotiate deals that are as good as ours. Secret will be come their perks program

  • Partnerships with newsletters: newsletters owners love to offer Secret to their readers for free

  • Posting on Linkedin and using Lempod https://lempod.com/en/home to increase reach (aka post views). I highly recommend this tool! Fantastic for word of mouth

  • Posting on online forums (reddit, hackernews, growth hacking forums, etc.) and in Slack groups: instant traffic

What did not work:

  • Twitter outreach: low reply rate (< 30%). Is it because people use less Twitter these days?

  • Facebook groups outreach through: hard to find groups that are really active. Plus Facebook group notifications system sucks. Impossible to break through the noise if you don't pay.

  • Cold email outreach: I feel like it’s easier these days to be flagged as spam? People are more sensitive? What do you think?

Also, what should we try next? ^^

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