Core improvements + smart features.

We would love to share another update with everyone. We are always working on something exciting for SimpleBackups to make your life easier.

💪 Core improvements in this update:

  • Late backups detection
  • Automatic retries of late backups
  • Better distributing of backup runs across servers

👓 Smart features in this update include:

  • Listing of upcoming scheduled runs
  • Running backup show an estimated completion time
  • The average time it takes to complete each backup
  • The total time spent for a currently running backup
  • A heads up when a currently running backup is taking more than usual
  • Automatic detection of backup run overlapping possibility (when backups actually take longer than the set backup frequency)

🎙 We finally launched our blog https://simplebackups.io/blog/ — every now and then will share some of the topics we think will be helpful and the common answers our users ask us.

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