November 1, 2019

SoccerCruit is now Productive Recruit

Colin McAtee @colin_mcatee

I am pleased to announce that SoccerCruit has been rebranded into Productive Recruit. The reason behind the change is simple - I wanted to help more athletes manage the college athletic recruiting process. I feel strongly that my vision to dramatically improve the recruiting process applies to athletes of all sports, not just soccer players. I still have the same vision and mission as before and am working tirelessly to improve the platform.

I am hard at work on Productive Recruit v2 which will have many new features and improvements, but for now nothing changes for users except for where they login.

I am super pumped for this journey and feel like this is the proper stair step approach to take and grow the business further. Focusing on just soccer was too niche and I had people asking me if the platform was for other sports as well. The answer was yes, there is nothing about the app that is specific to soccer besides from the prior brand. Here’s to a great first year of Productive Recruit!

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