January 1, 2020

Logo design (draft)

Alexander Kluge @naii

I didn’t really plan to work on the logo today but I did it anyway.

Inspired by having watched some of the Kurzgesagt videos (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_8yK2kmxoo) today and generally speaking by Nomad List, Nomad Cruise, and Kurzgesagt.

I love their design language and using a strong design can be the main differentiator from my competition.

I want the logo to be playful without losing its seriousness, and a retro touch.

Here’s the current draft so far: https://cp.sync.com/dl/434a39aa0/2b64zbmm-f72hmw4k-jujapkh3-paayu95i

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