January 1, 2020

Mission 2020: Profitable with 667 EUR MRR

Alexander Kluge @naii

Here’s what you can expect from me (and what I expect from myself) in 2020 on Indie Hackers…

With Studiolist, my 2017-born startup, I’m on my way to building the largest search-engine of voiceover recording studios for voiceover artists.

2020 is also my last shot to make it profitable* with a „labor budget” of 20 hours a week and a money budget of 12k EUR (which are all my savings).

*profitable means € 667 / mo, because these are my current fix costs in an average month, see: https://naii.io/2020/costs

I’m prepared for failure and zero money in the bank by the end of 2020. I don’t have a plan B.

I’m documenting everything here on IH as well as on YT: https://naii.io/youtube and Substack: https://naii.io/studiolist (blog and newsletter).

This post is for accountability purposes and so that I remember on Dec 31, 2020, or any time of the year with what mission I had started the year.

I hope you’ll have successful 52 weeks!

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