September 24, 2020

My first sale!!!

Caroline Smith @carolinepixels

Woke up this morning to my very first sale.... ever!! It looks as if they came from Product Hunt. I put up a little launch post yesterday to see if it would drive any traffic.... so it seems to have worked.

It might only be £3 but it feels great!!

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    How do you deal with copyright? Is it allowed to sell GoT-related assets?

    1. 1

      In my haste I didn't think about any copyright issues which is probably a very bad idea. I assumed its within the "fan art " realm however I do use imagery which is closely associated to the TV show. Going forward I would be more careful.

  2. 1

    Congrats @carolinepixels. Are you planning to roll this for Android?

    1. 1

      Oh I hadn't thought about that... purely because I am an iOS user. Good idea. I'll have an explore 🤗

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    Congrats! Keep winning!

  4. 1

    Congratulations! That must be a great feeling.

    1. 1

      Yeah I have a little buzz this week from it. Thank you!!

  5. 1

    Congrats !! What an awesome feeling this must be !!

    1. 1

      Yeah its a little like Christmas morning... ha!

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    Can you share the link to the Product Hunt post? :-) Would love to see it. Congrats!

    1. 1

      Aw thank you! Yes here it is..
      Any advice on how I've written or positioned this very welcome 🤗

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    that's nice . congrats

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    The first sale is awesome it can be 2c and its feels more great then your 1000 sale that will be even 1K lol

    1. 1

      Haha.. this is probably very true! I think the first sell on any product will be the most scary / exciting.

    1. 1

      I appreciate this .. thank you!

  9. 1

    You seem so happy 😁Congratulations!

    1. 1

      Very much so. It's a little validation that I can actually create something that someone wants. Confidence boost mostly. I've much bigger ideas for products so this was just that start I needed.

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    Congrats Caroline, that is awesome. Keep pushing - I’m sure sale #100 is right around the corner.

    1. 1

      Yes fingers crossed!! 😃

  11. 1

    Congrats! Must feel great!

    1. 1

      Yeah. It's lovely to think that someone wanted a thing I made.

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    Congratulation on your first sale..

    1. 1

      Aw thank you! I appreciate the message!

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    Congratulations! If you can make £1 on the internet, the opportunities from there are endless!

    1. 1

      Hah so true! Thank you for the support.

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