October 23, 2019

$5000 MRR - Ramen Profitability

Sabba keynejad @sabba

In just 4 months and 14 days since we have started charging for our product and about 13 months since our online video editor went live, we have hit an important milestone...



As of mid October 2019 passed $5000 in monthly recurring revenue, VEED now pays for two full-time founders (myself and Tim) and two part-time developers (Mate and Veljko... Love you guys)


We have hustled pretty f****** hard to get here and learned a LOT along the way. There were a couple of moments where we thought it was all over, like the time we ran out of money and had to get contract work, or the time when we were kicked out of our office.

Oh and time our first two developers quit working for us on the same day. But through all these drastic highs and lows, we have continued to move forward and grow.

Ramen profitability is a huge milestone and also marks the start of the next big phase of our startup journey. As we are moving towards finding product-market fit and starting to scale our product to thousands of monthly paid users.

I have created a complete breakdown of the journey in a blog post titled "The journey to ramen profitability" If you are an early-stage founder, this might be worth checking out.

Thanks Yall, Sabba

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