October 18, 2019

Reached 1000 users signed up

Maksim Fedotov @DouTatsu

There has been a new influx of users, which finally got us over 1000 users on VR Anime Society. While the majority does not yet attend our weekly sessions, it signifies that interest keeps on rising and there is still plenty of growth opportunities.

The goal still remains the same: convert more of people that signed up into VR session attendees, if not weekly, but to at least check a session once, as that usually all it takes to start coming more frequently

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    hey man, i checked out your twitter page and I think it's pretty cool man. what is your primary platform that you are using for the events?

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      I have built the whole tech stack myself. I plan to eventually spin out a separate event management software based on it, but for now I am just using it for this project. Or did you mean what we use to run the events? We use BigScreen, which is the main VR application for watching anything together in VR

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        wow u code the whole thing? very impressive. did u look into any event management software so far? what do u wanna do with the event management? u trouble managing it rn?