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It's been a bit of a busy week!

Last week we launched a brand-spankin' new email newsletter called YEN.FM — you can read a little more of the back-story here.

We had a launch plan that we executed quickly and had a few growth goals that, at the time, felt reasonable:

  1. 100 subscribers by October 31
  2. 300 subscribers by November 30
  3. 1k+ subscribers by December 31

You can see my internal note to the team:

Well, in-short, we launched last Friday and in less than 72 hours we had smashed this month's goal!

Consequently, I've adjusted our goals to be the following:

  1. 300 subscribers by October 31
  2. 800 subscribers by November 30
  3. 2k+ subscribers by December 31

It's worth noting that subscriber growth is meaningless without a paired metric like revenue or a specific conversion figure.

At best it could be an independent, lagging indicator of "generalized interest" and at worst it's just another vanity metric.

I hope these "guestimates" are closer to what we can achieve, as a community, together in the coming months! I'm grateful for all the support so far and the reception has been warm and welcoming.

Now, back to work.

  1. 2

    So awesome to watch. Can't wait to see the growth by the end of this month

    1. 1

      let's go get 'em tiger.

  2. 2

    This launch exploded, I love watching the growth. Keep it coming!

    1. 1

      thank you for being part of it!

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