December 6, 2019

iOS app is (finally) live!

Drew Thomas @truedrew

After 2 rejections and 25 days of a third review, the Yesterdays Weather iOS app is now live in the app store.

Now that iOS and Android are good to go, I have a huge list of really cool improvements to make to the app itself (which will push to both platforms).

One of the most important is expanding outside of the US (lots of requests for that), so that will be high priority!

Looking forward to building more on this. It's one of the simplest, yet most rewarding side projects... people really seem to get it and like it right away!

Try the web app for free, and if it seems like something you'd want more accessible on your phone, the app is a one-time $2.99 for ongoing improvements!

Since posting about this yesterday on Twitter, I've gotten an interview request, a podcast request, and a really interesting offer to visually diagram how the app works behind the scenes.

The attention is mostly because the app(s), web app, and website are all built with no-code! (Thunkable, Bubble, and Carrd)

I'll share all that stuff as it comes out.


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