February 21, 2020

First paying customers!


Wow, this feels like a real milestone.

When I made Yourganize the goals were:

  • to build something that I was needing and wasn't finding elsewhere (not just features but UI and interaction)
  • to do a design/build project solo from start to launch (I'm usually just the front-end of side projects with my design friend - he offered feedback on design throughout)
  • to try and get one paying customer
  • if this happened, to build on this with user feedback and try and grow the customer numbers

When I saw that first Stripe email yesterday I couldn't believe my eyes. I've since had another paying customer the same day.

Here's a quick timeline of the project so far...

  • 10th December 2019 made the product available online in an open beta
  • gathered 139 contacts in the beta period (from BetaList, and mailout to my other app's users), and got some great feedback on features to build next (by using newsletters to these users)
  • 14th Feb made the app paid
  • 18th Feb submitted to Product Hunt
  • 19th Feb featured on PH homepage
  • 20th Feb, got my first 2 paying customers! 🥳

I'll do a separate post shortly about the numbers from the Product Hunt launch and conversion rates.

As promised, here are the numbers from the PH feature

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