Data from Product Hunt feature

As promised in the Yourganize milestone, here's the data from the Product Hunt feature. I've also compared site users in the first 3 days with 2 other PH features I've had previously to share the kind of numbers you might get if you're on there.

Here's the post - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/yourganize

On the 18th Feb I posted to Product Hunt. The post was hidden a page or so down under newest, so it was hardly seen. I had just 5 upvotes that day and 20 site users from PH, so the story can just as easily end here for a PH post (and it has done before with another product).

On the same day I did a mailout to one of my other app's users (~3700), and the Yourganize beta users (~130) with a mention of Product Hunt post, but from this I think I had just 2 upvotes (I didn't request an upvote, just asked people to take a look).

18th Feb

  • 5 upvotes for the day
  • 18 unique site visits
  • 4 new users to the db but these could have been from the mailouts

Luckily, I checked back again at 9pm UK time (1pm PT) and it was re-scheduled for the next day, meaning it was featured 🥳

On 19th Feb 00:00am PT and 8am UK time it was featured on the home page at number 3. It soon slipped down to around 7-9 and stayed mostly in position 9 for the rest of the day:

note: a db user is someone that clicked a "Go Pro / Sign in" button (but cancelled the Go Pro)

  • 19th Feb, 135 upvotes - 546 unique site visits from PH - 39 new db users
  • 20th Feb - 324 unique site visits from PH - 43 db users - 2 users went Pro
  • 21st Feb - 153 unique site visits from PH - 20 db users (some of these may have come from an IH post though that gave 144 unique site visits)

Total for the 3 days:

  • 1023 unique site visits from PH
  • 102 db users (1% of unique users)
  • 2 paying customers (2 paid after 870 unique site visits, and 82 db users, which is 0.2% site users, 2.4% of those that clicked go pro)

So by comparison, in terms of site users, another PH feature we had for a product called Archetype finished at number 5 in 2017, and so was also in the PH newsletter the following day, received 2538 unique site views for the first three days (more than double finishing in position 9)

And GradPad, featured in 2018 and finishing at number 6 (not in the PH newsletter), had 1588 unique site views from PH in the first 3 days.

Of course, this depends not just on where the product is placed, but also the actual product itself!

While of course I wouldn't suggest just relying on Product Hunt for users, it's an avenue that can be valuable, and for me it's meant my first two paying customers. If it hadn't been featured though, and that really could go either way, then it wouldn't have been as good as being on BetaList - https://www.indiehackers.com/product/yourganize/submitted-to-betalist-results--M04PXDlFSWo1ypNB3LZ

If anyone has any info on typical numbers of site visits to free users to paid conversion for SaaS products that would be interesting?

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    @JamieGilman, thanks for sharing your data from PH!

    Today my SaaS Notimate.co is featured on BetaList and I also planning to share some data about it.

    There is also few interesting comments in this topic:

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      Thanks a lot, I'll have a read 👍

      Good luck with BetaList and look forward to seeing your results!

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