December 13, 2019

Launched our Affiliate Program

Jason @Jason1923

Today is the official launch of the Zigpoll Affiliate Program! 🎉

We built this program from scratch with one goal in mind: make at as simple to use as possible and give away as much cash as we can. The hope is that we can attract agency (and personal) affiliates who will be motivated to share Zigpoll with all of their clients. To do this we are offering 30% revenue share for any paid plan in perpetuity for as long as that plan exists. So it should really be a no brainer - if you want to use Zigpoll, you should become an affiliate.

To be honest I know that Affiliate programs are tough to get right, so I think there's a lot of learning thats coming up next. We've already gotten 4 signups just from our super basic posting a couple days ago so we are optimistic. But if anyone has done something like this in the past, please share! We will keep the IH community up to date on numbers once it gets going.

Also if anyone's curious about the technical details, we built it from scratch by:

  1. Using Stripe Connect - In order to get an affiliate link you first need to create a Stripe Connect account so we have a way to transfer funds to you.

  2. Use an encoded version of your id to generate your affiliate link.

  3. Use cookies to save that ID for 30 days if it gets clicked. If a user creates an account w/ that cookie saved, you get added as the referrer.

  4. Set up a CRON to pay out on the 28th of each month to any users who have referred an account that is on a paid plan. This is pretty simple with some database queries and then stripe's transfer API.

Thanks for checking it out :)

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