Landing Page Feedback September 26, 2020

1:1 Feedback exchange offer! Review my Minimalistic landing page (built for MVP launch)

Vyom Sharma @vcrizpy

My pandemic 🦠 startup journey so far -

June - Last month working for an crypto-anime startup in Sg. Had the Idea + Aha moment. Cancelled move to Singapore.
July - MVP newsletter launch. Got 150+ subs within 2 days. Decision to commit!
Aug - Silent labor. Improving concept + Productisation of Idea.
Sep - Build, feedback & repeat!
Today i.e. Sep 26, 2020 - Launching Airlane Beta on Hacker news ( + 1st public IndieHacker post

Here's my landing page -

Q1) Did you sign up? (Yes/No)
Q2) Pick one word to share your feelings about Airlane (+ one emoji for bonus).
Q3) What's the value prop for you?
Q4) What hesitations do you have about signing up? If none, what hesitations would you have about inviting friends?

Extremely grateful for your time & feedback!

Please do leave a link to your landing page(or anything else you'd like feedback on) + your questions. I promise to comment back with direct & honest responses.

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    "A Better LinkedIn for your Twitter" I didn't understand at all what your product is about from this headline. What do LinkedIn and Twitter have in common?

    1. 1

      LinkedIn was built as a platform to manage professional your identity. But nowadays Twitter represents your professional identity a lot better than Linkedin.
      Your Twitter Bio is your first impression to the internet.
      Your Twitter Feed can be your resume to the internet.
      Twitter DMs are your new interviews and application process.

      This being said Twitter isn't inherently designed for this. I've tried to fill in the holes with Airlane. It's a LinkedIn(a way to manage your professional identity) for your Twitter. It syncs up with your Twitter and helps you do all the things you'd do on LinkedIn - search jobs, search your contacts by job profile/location/keywords, find new companies, make connections, find investors, etc.

      Thanks for your feedback @zerotousers. My one-liner is clearly not as good as I thought! Will definitely work on this before launching for real! :)

      1. 1

        @vcrizpy This tagline works better, to paraphrase you: "Manage your professional identity with Twitter"

        You can't just mention two big social networks without mentioning about how they're connected, not everyone uses them in the way you have built your tool and you don't want to leave any room for interpretation

      2. 1

        This explanation makes the point of Airlane a lot more clear than your whole website. Btw., I don't like Airlane, I keep writing airline & autocorrection just makes it worse.

        1. 1

          This is so true. Even on google it shows up with a "Did you mean to search for Airline?" suggestion. 😂

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    I also didn't understand what the idea was. But I'm intrigued. Consider describing it like this: "Search jobs, find new companies, and make professional connections on Twitter."

    Also, can you tell me why I, as a user, would want to do these things on twitter? What's wrong with doing these things on LinkedIn?

    1. 1

      @ryanh1 Thanks for your response.

      I really like your quote for our pitch. You might very well see me use a version of this on 😉

      Nothing wrong with doing this on LinkedIn per se but consider this ->

      • News about jobs, professional changes, etc hits twitter much before it does on LinkedIn.
      • Twitter is a platform of choice for a lot of creators and intellectuals if our time. And I'm not just talking about Elon, think Jack Butcher from Visualize value, @rosiesherry from IndieHackers + RosieLand or Matthew Kobach.
      • Twitter Exclusive communities - think Crypto Twitter, VC Twitter, etc. Take crypto twitter for example - communities with billions of dollars are forming in weeks to build, meme, and grow in public.
      • LinkedIn has pretty much ignored the entire creator economy - newsletter creators, musicians, artists, people on Instagram, Snap , etc. Think everyone who use a linktree profile instead of their Linkedin profile.
      • As for finding new companies, this is something very close to my heart. Airlane started with a different way of discovering new companies - We track the online activity of thousands of VCs to check what they're looking at. Namely we do it by tracking people whose full time job is to find the next unicorns. This is a very strong signal if you want to invest or even get a job at one. Imagine if you could be one of the first 20 people hired at AirBnB or Uber or Zoom.

      In short, I'm not building because you could do these things on Twitter but because people already are and Twitter is better for than LinkedIn.

      1. 1

        These are great answers. I think it would be helpful to explain some of this on your website. For example: Discover jobs posted by creators, musicians, and artists, which are posted on Twitter but not LinkedIn.

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    Hey Vyom,
    Great idea here. It feels like something that I would want to use.
    The first screen is not making much of a impact for me and in the demo section below, the headings are hard to grasp with the GIFs and everything.

    Here is mine: Preferral

    1. 1

      Thank you for your feedback!

      For your site ->

      • Clean UI + Clear value prop
      • Two main CTAs don't work
      • Your demo button took me to a codesandox , which also didn't work FYI. Error -> api_key is expected to be string, but got undefined
      • I counted a total of 6 CTAs on your site, all different. For a straightforward product such as yours, this is too much. You might want to rename some these buttons.

      Overall visually it looks good. I like the simple animation for emoji people!

      1. 1

        Will surely revisit these points.

        The Codesandbox is an example for the users who want to implement preferral, they have to add their own API key there. I add text there for clarity.

        I am not sure about the number of CTAs though. I will go through it once again.

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    Hey there, here's my feedback:

    1. Yes! I literally need this (our product markets to startups) so this was a no brainer.
    2. Playful 🤠
    3. Find contact info of startup founders on twitter
    4. Didn't have an hesitation. I didn't invite friends because I don't see who in my network could be interested by this (I don't have a lot of founders / vc friends)

    Anyway really curious about the product, can't wait to get access.

    Now please do mine: Logology.

    1. 2

      This is super awesome!

      • I loved your landing page, it's artfully designed. I also liked that your own logo is kind of a coloured Pokeball.

      • Your brand discovery QnA is fun to get through.

      • Really hard to give constructive feedback to team that's so good at design thinking. I could definitely learn a bit from you guys. Your UX was pretty great too.

      I'm sorry but I honestly don't have anything even slightly negative to say about your landing page.
      I gave you a follow on Twitter from @VCrizpy. Hope to see you out there, spreading your knowledge about design & landing pages! :)

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    Hi Vyom,

    First of all your product looks great. I like the minimalistic look of it. However I did not get your value proposition "A better LinkedIn for your Twitter". The examples you show on your website make it more clear what it is about. I defenitely want to try out the product so I am now on the waiting list!

    Here is my MVP would love to get some feedback:

    1. 2

      Hey @nickverhaege,

      Thanks for your response + kudos on signing up! Invites will be sent out soon.
      After getting the feedback, I've realised that in my haste to launch, I've managed to really screwed up the copywriting!

      If I could ask, which value prop made you sign up? It help me redesign everything better the next time round!

      Here are my $0.02 for makerstack ->

      • I like the name so much + .club domains make so much sense for online communities, I wonder why people don't use these more often.
      • I see you're missing a logo icon. This reduces trust for your website IMO - even a bad placeholder logo > no logo
      • I tried to join the community but sign up process to too high effort. The best way to do it is in steps. Normal email signup first + then divide the ask for more info in further steps. Gamify it a bit with progress bars etc. This way if a user leaves after step:1, you still have their email to send them further prompts.
      • For me personally, I really liked the idea of buidling a team rather than building a product.
      1. 1

        Hi Vyom!

        Thank you very much for this constructive feedback. I think you are right about the onboarding, I think I should try to make it more appealing! Any tips or tools that might help me achieve a better onboarding? I will definitely try to get a better onboarding and add in a logo.

        1. 1

          I would recommend going through the onboarding processes of fintech product. something like a stock app. They have a ton of steps and still manage to onboard people.

          Also LinkedIn is always a good case study!

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    Tried signing up.
    Getting this error in twitter "There is no request token for this page. That's the special key we need from applications asking to use your Twitter account. Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try again; it was probably just a mistake."

    1. 1

      Thank you for reporting this @zephyr0 ! I'm incredibly sorry for your trouble.

      Unfortunately, after checking I've found that this is a bug caused by firebase's implementation of twitter auth.
      If you try again by enabling 3rd party cookies in your chrome/browser settings, it should work!

      I'm would kindly request you to DM me at OR email me at [email protected], if you still have trouble.

      1. 1

        Thanks mate. It works now. Will play around the app and give feedback.

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    Really nice! Some comments:

    • The logo doesn't look like the typical logo of a project.
    • I didn't sign because I don't use Twitter that much
    • Nice inspiration at the bottom
    • one question I have is how are you going to attract investors attention so they engage with you?
    • an idea for you: why don't you add a feature for attracting customers instead of investors? They are much more valuable 😉😉

    Feel free to review my web:

    1. 1

      Thank you so much for your response! Awesome feedback.

      • The Logo was designed in-house by us and we are definitely looking into getting another one made professionally.
      • Regarding your question about the investors - I started Airlane as a tool that tracks the online activity of VCs to uncover unknown early stage startups. We currently have the largest databases of active investors whom we track regularly. The goal was to "Track Future Unicorn startups", so you could get a job at one, or even invest in them. It's also helpful for predicting investments. Our launch newsletter ended up predicting the acquisition of by Lululemon, about 3-4 days before the news broke publicly. As of today, you can do all of this ^ plus I've built in tools to connect with these startups or investors over twitter(VC twitter is very real & very powerful). You can even find common connections to them who might introduce you.
      • The idea about attracting customers is very interesting - You can already manage your customer leads for twitter using our mini-social CRM. But attracting totally new potential customer sounds incredible. I'll definitely give this some more serious thought! Thank you.

      Will leave comment back with feedback on your post soon! 👍

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    Q1) Did you sign up? - No
    Q2) Pick one word to share your feelings about Airlane (+ one emoji for bonus). - I kind of didn't understand the concept for sometime. But its good for people who are super active on Twitter.
    Q3) What's the value prop for you? In this case, the solution is good but I am just trying to see how it will be useful to me. For example, I am building a #nocode engine for Google sheets and how can this help me... These are somethings in my mind.
    Q4) What hesitations do you have about signing up? If none, what hesitations would you have about inviting friends? I am thinking about possible usecase for me. - Incase you want to review, I am building this website builder that can build websites from Google sheets. Completely #nocode. We have got paying customers and got good traction with a few people waiting for early access.

    1. 2

      How airlane can help you as a founder of a no code startup ?

      • Search of early stage competitors - You could use airlane to search for competitors in this space. There is an absolute explosion of tools in the #NoCode space & doing a simple search for startups revealed to me startups like makerpad, plasmic, bravo studio etc. Competitor research is essential for building it better.
      • You can find the team/people running these competitor startups, maybe even reach out and share knowledge, maybe simply see what tactics they use to acquire customers on twitter
      • Discovering your competitors on Airlane would also allow you to see the investors/VC Firms tracking these startups. You might want reach out to these VCs in the future. If they are interested in your competitor, they might be interested in your initiative too.
      • Identify no code communities to market your product. I found - no code base( , within 2 minutes.
      • Hire people from you twitter contacts.
      • Set alerts for everything - people, competitors, newcomers, etc.

      Landing page feedback -

      • Clear value prop.
      • Maybe the main demo image would look better with rounded corners!
      • Overall the site is pretty clean. Just launch already!
      • Small observation - I noticed you didn't mention any competitors on your page. If your features/pricing is better, it might be better to address this issue. I like how Simpleops does this ->
      1. 1

        Thankyou for you detailed comments on how this can help me as a maker. Will check out. Also thankyou for your review on

        Agreed I should do a better job on mentioning competitors. Noted.

  9. 2
    • First impression: Lots of white space, wtf is this?
    • The videos might be better if done in a device frame. Here's My Medium Post on how to do it.
    • webm > mp4 > gif. File size is way lower, quality much better.
    • Don't include the gradient inside the image/video. Use css for that
    • I didn't sign up because I have 0 Twitter followers and don't actively use it.
    • Dark blue button background with light blue foreground looks bad. Maybe swap background & foreground color instead
    • Icon is too detailed imo. Concept is great, but those fine lines & black/white screw lines don't look good. I'd go for one single, fully rounded wire with two twists instead of 3 and no gaps for the screw part

    Here's mine: Tag My Knowledge

    I'm not quite happy with my benefits section. Is it clear why you should get the app?
    Anything stopping you from signing up?

    1. 1

      @ciriusjoker Thank you so much. This is so helpful. Going through your medium article now!

      I looked at your site. Even signed up for the web version out of curiosity but could not get the app as I'm an iOS users.

      For the landing page -

      1. My first instinct was that this was another note-taking app but on scrolling found your explanation. Great job anticipating this!
      2. Your benefits section has too much text. I think I read through it all only because I was looking closely. I think I would have converted sooner if this the spaced repetition concept was illustrated better.
      3. UI looks clean & your icons are dope :)
      4. I don't get how the app would help take notes in realtime, like without pausing a video. Could you please clarify ?
      1. 1

        Great points. I definitely need to figure out a way toward illustrations or maybe even animations to the page to clarify how it works. I hesitated to add more text for exactly that reason. If I do animations, I'll probably embed them via Rive (or whatever flare animations are called right now)

        As for iOS, upon login you should have gotten a dialog telling you that you can install the bookmark to make it look like a real native app. Did that not happen? Maybe a small text to indicate that the mobile web version is identical would help. Technically it has slightly worse performance but that's about it.

        The point is that taking notes is faster because the UI is optimized to work with as few taps as possible, so you don't waste time and can focus on what the speaker is saying instead of fiddling with the app.

        If you need help with the video thing, let me know :)

        1. 1

          I used it on browser from my laptop. Didn't get any popup to show how to install on iOS.
          Maybe that shows up only when visiting from a mobile device ?

          1. 1

            Ah yes. I definitely need to make it more clear that the web app is by no means inferior (it's the same code base anyway). Also it needs to be clear that it can be installed just like a normal app.

  10. 1
    1. I signed up and your site keep showing me red dot. So I need to refresh. After all there no signage I was logged in.

    2. clear value

    3. I'm not a twitter user, so I can't tell.

    4. I think you don't need full screen sign up before you presented all features.

    Here is mine:

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