Any good Mailchimp alternatives?

I've exceeded Mailchimp's free tier and I was perfectly willing to pay, but I had in my head it was like $15 but its actually $31 per month. I feel like this is pretty steep and if anyone can suggest an alternative that's easier on the wallet I'd be glad to hear about it.

Thanks in advance.


I went with EmailOctopus. Their UI is awesome and their API is great. Prices are good too.

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    Before you think about moving off of Mailchimp, you may want to consider cleansing your list. Keep only the active email subscribers (3-star or above), archive/remove the others, but keep the email addresses offline for future use.

    More often than not, people keep inactive subscribers on their list for vanity reasons -- to think their list is bigger than it really is. It's better to have 60% open rate and a smaller list than <10% open rate and be charged for subs that aren't active.

    Separately, been keeping a list of Mailchimp alternatives. Sendfox works pretty well, and I plan to try out Sendy sometime soon.

    Sendy > https://sendy.co/



    Mailerlite > https://www.mailerlite.com/pricing



    https://palabra.io/ (IndieHacker)

    https://friendly.is/automate (IndieHacker)

    https://froged.com/ (IndieHacker)

    http://nomadmail.io/ (IndieHacker)

    https://moosend.com/ (IndieHacker)


    https://undersend.com/ (indieHacker)


    https://customer.io/ (send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS < indiehacker)

    Email Octopus + Amazon SES

    Email Octopus + Zapier + eCom?

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      If you use Notion for taking your notes, I would recommend nocodeletters.com

      Disclaimer: I am the founder.

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      Replies like yours is why IH is such a cool place to be 👏

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        Honestly, that's really nice of you to say. Thank you for the kind words.

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      This is good advice. I had already cleaned the list out and managed to remove hundreds of people, but I didn't think to filter by star rating. Good shout.

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        Thanks, I've added it to my list above!

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      Outstanding job. Looks like Sendy is exactly what I've been searching for. Will give them a shot!

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        Let me know how it works for you. Haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, but thinking I may use it for a product I'm launching soon.

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      Agree with Email Octopus! They are great!

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      I switched to Email Octopus a while back and love it!

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    I swear by it.

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      +1 for Upscribe. @joshuaanderton is a super skilled maker.👍

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        Thanks @volkandkaya and @mijustin! 🙏

        Would love to chat if anyone has any questions about Upscribe!

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    Leaning towards either MailerLite and Email Octopus

    Compatible and slightly affordable. And their service level is more approachable than MailChimp.

    You will have everything from list management, landing page, drip campaign and automation.

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      Why not Miller Lite? 🍻

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    My question for you is, what is keeping you from making $31 per month from your list? Are you using any feature that Substack (free until you get paid) can't handle?

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    If you are looking for something to send directly from Notion, try out https://nocodeletters.com - Disclaimer, I am the maker.

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    I know you've found a replacement, but thought I'd share anyway.

    Together with my small team, I run an ESP especially created for indie creators and indie creators only, called BirdSend

    If you're not a creator, it's not for you.

    If you're backed by external funding and run a large team, it's also not for you. Hence the word "indie".

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    Can I add my project postheat.com to this list? It offers much of the functionality that you are probably looking for, but it has a focus on building templates as you write, and the ability to import tweets directly into emails as you write them.

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    I've been using EmailOctopus and had some deliverability issues.

    Mailchimp was an upgrade and it's not that expensive.

    Anyway, now I'm considering the new version of Ghost for growing and building a content website supporting my newsletter Secret Breakfast

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    If you're a Wordpress user Newsletter plugin is great

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    Aww! Thanks for signing up with us (EmailOctopus).

    When you're ready to go paid, let me know and I'll sort out an IH discount.

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      Sooo.... about that IH discount...... 🤓

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      Interesting to know that there is an IH discount... I am also considering alternatives to mailchimp. One of my concerns is how to properly sync our CRM (Hubspot) with the newsletter tool , without hitting with any (expensive) hubspot limitations. Mailing via Hubspot is also not really affordable, for a small StartUp I mean :)

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      Awesome! I didn't know it was an IH product. I feel so much better for signing up to it now.

      It is really REALLY good. Well done!

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    Real talk, from a place of love, if you can’t afford the $15 difference, we’ve got to find some better email strategies for you.

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      Real talk, just because I can spend $15 doesn't mean I should.

      It's not a case of being able to afford it, it's a case of being smart with my money.

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        Possibly. I'm trying to save you something more than money: your time.

        Again, coming from a place of support.

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    Hey if you're hosting an event check out lu.ma!

    They help you make pretty cool landing pages and you can also email people natively from the event page, check out the event page I made here! https://lu.ma/goingglobal

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    Mailgun is pretty nice. I tried using it for my product tool.

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    Until sometime ago was stuck in a similar position to yours, Hope this is helpful.


    1. https://buttondown.email/
    2. https://tinyletter.com/
    3. https://mailerlite.com

    I went with the third option as their UI was rather clean and easy to use :)

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    We discussed recently this with @bspring28 and he suggested to have a look to Mailchimp Pay as you go plan. I just checked it out and it is freaking expensive too. "Cheapeast" plan is 160$ for 5000 credits.

    As an alternative Ben suggested https://sendfox.com/

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    Did you get in touch with mailchimp and ask them for some startup credit? ie. you won't get it you don't ask. I'd be surprised if they don't especially this year.

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    Maybe SendPulse? I still am using their free tier but I think I did a comparative time ago and that was one of the reasons to choose it.

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    Check out mailjet, Email Octopus or Mailer Lite.

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