Do you also have an impression that something is wrong with business meetings?

Hi, I'm sharing my tweet storm (link below) with you with the problem we all experience and I feel needs to be solved.

Do you also have an impression that something is wrong with business meetings?
Most of the meetings:

  • are too long
  • are unnecessary. “Why was I even invited?!”
  • have no agenda
  • are a major distraction from actual work
    Let me show you how we solve all of this with Polka.

You can think of Polka as the Google Docs of your online meetings. Polka transforms your online meetings into a searchable and shareable format. You get a transcript, action items, video and sectioning per speaker. Team can collaborate on it further in Slack or email.
What for?

To grasp the full value your team generates in meetings. Remain focused in the call. You no longer need to capture every detail. Discuss with your team even when the meeting is over.
Pandemic turned us to online meetings, but the structure stayed the same. Let’s experiment!

Who should use Polka?
Use case 1: I’m a software engineer. Meetings with business people waste my time. I’m not even needed in most of them. => I asked them to meet without me and mark the moments when they define what needs to be implemented by me in a Polka dashboard.

Use case 2: I’m a Manager overloaded with recruitment interviews. Each meeting is 1h. Often I already know there is no fit in the first 5min. => I asked HR to send me 5min snippets from their calls with candidates using Polka. I decide whom I want to meet and save 20hrs/month.

Use case 3: I’m a Product Designer. Attention to detail is part of my job. However during meetings much of the content vanishes. => Thanks to Polka all the content is saved in a dashboard. I can go back to specific moments and reflect them 100% in my work.

Use case 4: I have tons of meetings every day. I get invited “just in case there are decisions to be made”, but my team can handle the major share. => Now my team saves meetings using Polka and sends me highlights if my contribution is required. Finally I have time to think.

If you support any of my thesis, please let me know in comments or retweet. Any other ideas?

Feel free to register and test Polka in action @ https://meetpolka.com/

(and as of now, the price is right => 0 USD 😊)

  1. 1

    Bad meetings are a management issue. Not a problem that's intrinsic to "meetings" themselves.

    I've implemented simple processes where i've worked that cured bad meetings.

    1. have an agenda
    2. if you get invited to a meeting with no agenda you don't need to accept it
    3. feel safe to ask "why am i here?"
    4. feel safe to close the meeting early if it's appropriate
    5. feel safe to excuse yourself from the meeting if there is no value in you being there
  2. 1

    Love your use-cases 1-3. imho... the user in #4 is not managing their team correctly by not empowering them to make decisions.

    Agree 100% with you thesis... especially the product manager. so hard to take notes and actively listen at the same time.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot. I would appreciate if you could give https://meetpolka.com/ a try ! or what is holding you from registering?

      1. 1

        ok... signed up.

        Do i paste the link of a Zoom recording into the top right bar? That seems like the next step, but it is not obvious what Zoom link i put in there.

        1. 1

          Pasting Zoom link in top right bar is one of the options. The other one is to connect Polka to your calendar - will join the online calls of your choice. Finally, you can simply upload meeting recordings. Thanks, we will think of putting bar with Zoom link somewhere more convenient.

          Let us know what are your thoughts after using Polka in a real life situation.

          Thanks a lot!

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