Drop your blog and the tech stack for it

What is your blog (personal or company) and what tech stack do you have for it?

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    My personal blog is generated by Jekyll (after too many attempts at using something modern) and is served off the VPS I've had for years. I have a monthly newsletter through MailChimp, too, though I need to rewrite the sign-up code so that it'll work for people (like myself!) who block trackers.

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      Jekyll for the win!!

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      What are you using to block trackers?

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        I have Disconnect and Decentraleyes installed, plus whatever Firefox natively does, these days.

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    It is built with Jekyll + Github Pages (free).
    Then I use ConvertKit for newsletter.
    I like it because I own the content and have a backup (Andrew Chen said our own writing stays for decades, some platforms might not last that long).

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      Yep, hosting on Github pages is probably one of the best ways to go.

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    Gatsby + novela theme + Netlify

    Posts are markdown files in git (the easiest setup for devs) until we need to outsource content writing, in which case we’ll move to some headless CMS supported by Gatsby

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    Wordpress, because I don't want to reinvent the wheel. But I'm planning to switch the frontend to gatsby or nextjs.

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    My personal blog just moved from Squarespace to Eleventy, didn't want to pay for any more expensive hosting just to write text.
    Eleventy to build flat files, Vercel to serve files, and Cloudflare to run stats and DNS.

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    Geekflare - WordPress, Google Cloud, Cloudflare.

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    Hugo + Netlify + Git

    It was up and running in 1 hour, thanks to these great and simple tools.

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    Hi Stefan, my personal blog on programming and devops at https://vitobotta.com is powered by DynaBlogger (https://www.dynablogger.com), a blogging platform that I launched recently. Check it out! There's a free plan too so it's easy to give it a try. :)

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      Congrats on your startup! How is it going?

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        Thanks! Very slow because I have done very little promotion so far as I was polishing features etc according to initial feedback. I am starting to write some content now to do some "content marketing" but I will soon start sharing/promote it again. So far I have I think 30 users or something like that. Not all active but anyway not too bad considering the little promotion. Hopefully, it will get some real traction as soon as I start promoting properly.

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            Thanks! I appreciate it :)

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    www.biostockscrash.com -- I used this project to learn web development and related technologies. Using Flask for BE, React FE, MongoDB, AWS and Docker.

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    I am not a fan of too much javascript for a blog. It's plain HTML and CSS with barely javascript. It's built with https://www.11ty.dev/ I switched from hugo at some stage because I wanted a bit more flexibility. All sources are in a private github repo and a push triggers a github action. It does the build, the deployment and notifies the CDN.

    I am using a CDN in front of a self managed cheap vserver because I want to keep full control of my URI space. Otherwise netlify would be the next best choice.

    For the email subscription I have some AWS lambdas that trigger webhooks to maintain my email list. I find this whole "pay by number of people on the list" approach of the usual players in the market absurd. Like this I pay next to nothing. Plus I also care about privacy. All setup with a quick terraform run.

    For the claps/likes I also wanted something self-hosted for privacy reasons. This is also just some small lambdas with a tiny dynamodb. All setup with a quick terraform run.

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      I like it! Where do you store the email list and how do you manage the unsubscribe? Also, what tool are you using to create / send emails?

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    My personal blog is built with Nuxt & Netlify. Free hosting, which is pretty convenient. I like super minimal design, if you can’t tell...

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    Built using a custom python script and deployed to netlify on each push to master.

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    https://vladcalin.ro/blog - almost no content, but I plan to pick up writing in the near future.

    For Amethyst Platform, a project that is kind of in stand-by at the moment: https://amethystplatform.com/blog

    I used nextjs, built to static files and deployed as a static site. The personal one runs on vercel.com, the other one is deployed in a nginx container on my personal Kubernetes cluster (on scaleway.com).

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    My blog is built on Gatsby.

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      Nice! I didn't know Hashnode added blogs.

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    My tech blog https://binarysolo.chapter24.blog runs off a blogging platform I made called Chapter24 (https://chapter24.app). The platform itself a Rails app but all blogs are hosted statically on S3.

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    Pro: blog.speadtheword.net (hugo + netlify)
    Personal: angezanetti.com (hugo + GH pages)

    I created the first blog only a week ago, wondering if I should go for a gohugo or ghost/WordPress.

    I finally go for hugo again: it's super fast, super easy to host/migrate and i tweaked the theme for the SEO.
    So far so good!

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    Personal. Jekyll
    Professional. Hugo

    Also used other SSGs Gatsby, Next, and Svelte

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    For usehooks.com I'm using Gatsby (React), Mailchimp, and hosting with Vercel.

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      Looks neat, is the theme from Gatsbyjs.com? Also, what do you use for subscribers, Mailchimp?

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        Thanks! It's a custom theme and Mailchimp.

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    www.lelinta.com How to encrypt website content based on shopify?

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