Newsletter Crew October 13, 2020

Feedback on an Unsub?

John Saddington @8bit

After kicking off a new email newsletter I have started to grow and break through some early goals as well as experiencing unsubscribes, per the usual.

Now, when I first started building newsletters I never really attempted to reach out to folks who unsubscribed — but recently I've actually tried pinging the person one final time to get some feedback (any is magical).

But, I'm not entirely sure if this is a good idea or not — what do you do? Are you attempting to get feedback via an unsub or do you not bother?

Love to know your thoughts!

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    I personally think this solution is really spammy. By unsubscribing the person says he doesn't want to receive any more emails related to this. If you want feedback you can have a quick feedback form on the unsubscribe page (I know that mailchimp has it where you can choose the reason for ubsubscribing).

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      Agreed. I don’t think it’s a good idea to add any additional friction or requirements to the unsubscribe process. But, an optional 1-question survey would be OK.

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        i shared these comments too. interesting, right?

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      really interesting to get this too.

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        Getting feedback for people that stop using your service is really normal and done often by many companies.

        BUT, when your service itself is a newsletter, when leaving, people are stating clearly "STOP SENDING ME EMAILS" and the next thing you do is send them another email.

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          good differentiation. +1.

    3. 1


      good point.

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    I had a similar thought earlier when building Psych as well but I believe asking them why they unsubscribed or just reaching out to them might make a bad impression. After all, it's their choice. Also, it is good for you in the long run because you are ending up with curated people who actually like your content.

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      what do you think about these different thoughts here?

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    I wouldn’t like it. It’s really frustrating when I try to unsubscribe from something and I keep getting emails from it.

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      thanks kenneth! appreciate that.

      different thoughts here.

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        Great points.

        Also I guess worse case scenario that happens is that the person already uninterested in your content is now still uninterested.

        I think I’m leaning the other way now!

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          it's really neat to see different communities respond... differently.

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    really interesting to see how i get much different responses to this question via a different community / network:


    so fascinating...!

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      I am not sure if the people here are on the same level because there are two things to be taken in account here,

      1. Asking for feedback by people who unsubscribed.
      2. Emailing to the same people who unsubscribed.

      Now, you could do 1. by asking right on the unsubscribe page like mailchimp provides as told by @XCS . That is something which has a very less chance to come as spam. Who knows they might end up giving feedback when leaving.
      You do the 2. approach where you are mailing them asking why did you unsubscribe and your story which has a equal chances of being ignored (and might be a spammy approach) because if they wanted give feedback on something, they would reach out to you (assuming you have some communication means provided beforehand).

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        good follow-up here. thank you!

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