⚠️ FigPii increased 20% to 62% activation rate with a different email campaign

(From the latest issue of the Indie Letters newsletter)

How FigPii tripled user activation rate on our SaaS product by @khalidh

Activation rate before email campaign = 20%

FigPii created an email sequence of six different emails each for active and inactive users (that didn't install code). After sending this campaign for the last two weeks, they are seeing a consistent open rate of 83% and 48% open rate for active and inactive users respectively. And their activation rate increased to 62%. (SaaS makers, give it a read)

How do you promote your affiliate programs?
First of all, there is a big difference between referrals and affiliates. Let's discuss both of them.

If you're doing referrals just make it part of your onboarding and customer journey or your customer lifecycle.

It's our core focus of today's newsletter.

  1. Turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Invite your existing customers by email. Use the best affiliate software for that purpose.
  2. Speak on relevant podcasts.
  3. Join affiliate marketing communities. Join Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Information Library on Reddit.
  4. Submit your affiliate program to affiliate directories such as Affko.com, Afftable.
  5. Reach out to bloggers whose content is already ranking in your niche. Just Google this intitle "best email marketing" intext: "I may receive" but replace the best email marketing with your topic.
    Side-kick: Launch your product on Product Hunt too. More than 77,000 pages are indexed for the term "alternative to {software name}. this way you can keep getting users. And some of them will convert into affiliates.

How to maximize sales and impact after being featured on AppSumo? by @qokka
There are a few things that you could do to maximize the impact after being featured on AppSumo:

  • Create a greeting video for AppSumo users and highlight the benefits of buying the AppSumo plan by pointing to the advantage over your standard plans.
  • Make a proper work schedule for your support team for the deal period and ensure that you are specially prepared for the rush at first 48 hours after the first newsletter is sent.
  • Pay attention to every comment, no matter it's positive or not. Track the reviews that appear on AppSumo website. Answer all questions, thank users for the positive feedbacks and make concessions to win over AppSumo audience.

If you do all of these right, interest in your brand, the number of registrations and sales will grow. However, you might be left disappointed if you're doing it for money. AppSumo takes the majority of revenue and discounted lifetime deals probably won't work financially in the long run, but the amount and quality of power users easily outweigh this.

Tip: There was a founder who had something like a widget. He intentionally set up a low price for his SaaS product so that maximum users can grab the deal. But there's a catch. His widget included "powered by XYZ" branding. Many sites started using his product on their websites,. And this "Powered by XYZ" branding became his excellent source of new users.

How to smartly validate market before price setting a book by @aarvy

If you want to curate a list of 500 things and want to sell this list as an ebook.

Offer the initial launch with 100 things at 80% discount.

You will get 3 benefits here.

  • You will get the market validation, people actually need it or not.
  • You will get an idea of how many of them will actually buy
  • You are getting money, it will motivate you to go for 500.


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2. How Ryland tweet reached 40,000 people and hit the top of reddit by @rylandking

3. Playing 'money ball' to reach our first $1,000 MRR by 123k/mo founder

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