Developers January 14, 2020

Free Images for App-Development


Which is the best Source to get Free Stock Images for App-Development?
Should be commercial-use allowed.

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      Thank you!
      You got me some very nice Sites :)

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    I take images from when I build Android apps

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    Sorry for offtop, but I have another question. Where to find some simple platform for low-code app development? I need it for one of my friends. He wants to be a programmer, but he lacks of skill right now. I want to make it easier for him. Saw this article not so long ago on one forum. It looks good enough. How do you think, will it work for him? I hope it will

    P.S. About the stuff you asked about. I don't know about you, but I use good old imgur for this purpose. Maybe you will try it too? if you didn't try it yet.

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