Ideas and Validation April 6, 2020

How do you handle your web pages and links?


Hope everybody is staying safe and sane these days.

Cleaning my digital life, I was wondering how everybody handles their web pages and links. I'm curious to read how you typically recall the ones you might have liked a while ago.

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    Bookmarks / favourites.

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      @Primer, do you use your web browser standard bookmarks & favourites tools for that?

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        Yeah I’m in the Apple ecosystem and work regularly across 3 computers, 2 iPads and my iPhone. Bookmarks and favourites perfectly sync across everything.

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    I like the app “Keep It”. You can save links easily with a web snippet, organise them in folders, and tag them for easy reference. There’s still the problem of coming back to them though...

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      Thanks for sharing @gingerkatiesparkles.
      I'll take a look at Keep It :)
      Yes agreed when it comes to following up, organizing, and maintaining everything...

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    I use Notion... definitely my favourite solution for this so far, since its really easy to see all my links in a table and sort by tag. That's usually how I recall what I'm looking for.

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      Thanks for sharing @adjwills, I love Notion too!

      I've struggled to have it always on when I need it.
      Two more questions if you don't mind:
      -> how do you maintain the table to keep the info relevant (if you do)?
      -> what are the columns you created (I guess at least: Title, URL, tag)?

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        Sure thing @maboxiu, here's how I have it setup:

        the table largely seems to maintain itself, its important not to have tags that are too generic, e.g. "coding" isn't very helpful, but "react" or "aws" or "FOSS" are much better

        I use the following structure

        • title (usually a copy of source)
        • URL (automatically pulled from notion)
        • tag (as many as you like, e.g. ones above)
        • thread (if I found the link from indie hackers/ hacker news/ Reddit, then I add the conversation thread where I found it, which is often helpful context, if not this is empty)
        • summary (a sentence on why I think this is useful)

        I then have multiple views of this data on notiom, one is a table, one is a list and one is a board. I use the list first with search, if that doesn't quite work I go to table and filter by tag.

        Hope this is of some use!

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          Thanks for sharing, appreciated!

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    I've used different stuff along the way. Evernote, Pocket, etc. Currently, it's Google Keep with tags and note titles. Unfortunately, I'm still lacking discipline to actually go and read stuff that I saved before :(

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      Thanks @rxn1d, I guess you're like me...
      Seeing something, recording it, and forgetting the next day.

      Can I ask how big is the list of bookmarks you've saved?
      Do you share any of these to other people?

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    Hey @maboxiu good question!

    I'm currently storing my favorite articles/ blogs on Airtable (Subject line, author, link, type, author etc). I also stored well-designed landing pages on Notion.

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      Thanks @felix12777.

      Let me ask you a few more questions if you don't mind:
      -> Do you always have Airtable open? How do you make sure it's ready when you need it?
      -> Do you have a process to maintain it?
      -> In Notion, do you capture the landing pages as bookmarks or images?

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        I open Airtable all the time and save some frequently used base on my Chrome bookmark bar

        I usually store an article or blog after reading it, if not I will make sure the link and category are being indicated properly, so I can review when I've time

        Notion -> bookmark

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          Thanks Felix, appreciated :)

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    I like the phrase "cleaning my digital life" if you're looking for a way to automate your screenshots organization on Mac check out my thread and on Twitter and follow me too

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      Pretty cool, thanks for sharing!