I re-wrote this headline 9 times.

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    I will make something and sit on it until I don’t like it anymore.

    Great point! And I think it's something a lot of us are guilty of.

    One thing that's really helped me ship more is just figuring out that the response to most things you put out there is going to be crickets. Especially in the beginning.

    There's always a chance that, for example, this post will hit the front page of hacker news and go crazy viral. But it's not super likely. I've found that my reach and my comfort level with that reach have scaled pretty linearly

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      Thanks Jack. That's a really good point. Most people won't see/read it anyway, at least in the beginning. It's quite humbling when you get radio silence but also empowering.

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    It's really hard to put yourself out there but well done on taking this step

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    I had gone through the same feelings last week, but finally, I pushed the red button!

    Yup, once you get the ball rolling it'll become easy. Good luck man!

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    Good luck Dan. I can't pretend it'll be easy, especially with kids on the way, but I have chartered the same path (sort of). For me, the motivation of being a good role model for my kids was the motivation to step out there.

    Somewhat ironic since I've got way less time now that I ever did before kids. That's life mate.

    Enjoy the ride.

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      Thanks, Andy.

      One of my worries will be time management. It's definitely ironic. It's funny though because I already feel myself becoming more productive, simply because I will have to be.

      Do you have any advice on time management?

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    Well done for finally hitting the publish button and good luck man.

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