I will review and give feedback on your MVP. Drop it below!

Hi all,

I have just finished creating a course all about building your Minimum Viable Product for Startup Sanctuary.

If you are building or have recently launched your MVP, drop a link to it below and I will review it on the following criteria:

  1. First impressions
  2. The problem being solved
  3. Your ideal customer
  4. Product Market Fit
  5. User Experience

UPDATE: I have received a huge amount of requests so I am closing it off for the moment until I manage to get through everyone who has commented so far. I would ask that you please do not add your project to the list below. Thanks so much. I will get around to everyone soon. Cheers.

UPDATE 2: I think I am all caught up so if you want to drop your MVP I'll review it by the end of the week!

  1. 4

    Thank you for doing this Gordon! ♥️

    My project ⟶ Red Goose https://goose.red.

      1. 2

        That is super helpful @gordon. It is amazing to be able to 'see' the gaps that my brain was filling up for me. Thank you again for doing this!

  2. 3

    Hi Gordon,
    Appreciate your help: www.brandingpavilion.com
    Have a good day!

      1. 2

        Thank you very much for the feedback Gordon!

        1. 1

          You are very welcome my man.

  3. 3

    Would love your feedback for UpStamps

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback, one of my biggest challenges now is getting to the right user, I already did some advertising on Facebook and Instagram and despite filtering, I didn't capture the right audiences.

  4. 3

    Thanks for the offer. Here is mine https://toonclip.com

    It lets users create animations in minutes. Example below:

    Toonclip - Pettrainer HQ

  5. 2

    If you're still doing these, would you consider to review a Playstore App listing?

      1. 1

        Sweet thanks heaps . There's an A/B test running now with modified text description. If you take a look mind just advising me what the listing heading says please ...

      1. 2

        Thanks @gordon for taking the time to look over the landing page. I am working on improving the top line copy to embed a bit more urgency.

        Once launched, POV visuals will help direct the copy to be more literal in regards to value prop will be easier to convey.

  6. 2

    Hi Gordon, it's mind-boggling that you have posted review for all the comments. Thank you so much for doing that. I know I'm late here 😅but would love your feedback on https://www.mailmycustomer.com/

      1. 2

        Thanks much for the feedback @gordon that was really helpful!

        1. 1

          Great stuff. Glad you liked it.

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot. Your feedback is so helpful.

        1. 1

          Glad you found it helpful.

  7. 2

    Thanks for this Gordon! My business Willingness https://www.willingness.com.au/

      1. 2

        Thanks Gordon, I’m serving a few customers a week, focussing on customer research and acquisition now as you mentioned.


        P.S: Let me know if I can do anything for you

        1. 1

          @gordon I see you run startup sanctuary any recommendations on getting coaching in customer research / acquisition?

  8. 2

    AskMakers: Aggregated place for Q&A with experienced makers💡 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/askmakers

      1. 2

        Thank you @gordon! I got tons of motivation to work on AskMakers!!

  9. 2

    Hi! Thank you for this opportunity :)

    Jamigo is an instrument playing game.
    It helps you make practicing fun and easy — jamigo.app

      1. 1

        Thank you very much! It is really a surprising experience to see your own product from new user eyes. We marked many interesting small UX moments in your way. For example, there was a possibility to play with a keyboard, but we did not say that it is about a keyboard of your PC. So, you were one of the first users tried this app, thank you :)

  10. 2

    Hi Gordon, this is great! Thanks ☺
    Here you can find our product → https://www.moneyboard.io/

    Looking forward to a review!

      1. 1

        Thanks Gordon!

        Usefull feedback ☺
        We build the site in Wordpress and the app itself is custom build.
        At this moment we have a small user-base and looking for more beta-testers who can give us more input.

        Thanks again 👍🏼

  11. 2

    Any feedback appreciated!
    Tool for GPX files: GetGPX.net

  12. 2

    Thank you Gordon! My project is Pointway, located at https://pointway.app

      1. 2

        Thanks so much! Honestly there isn’t any app that tracks points besides for AwardWallet. At least as far as I know. AwardWallet is fine it’s just so bloated and the UI is outdated and the UX is confusing. Prob would be good to compare it and Pointway right?

        1. 1

          You're welcome. Okay cool. Ye, I don't think you need so much a side by die comparison on your site, but rather, think about your unique selling point vs your competitor, and convey that unique selling point in your website copy.

  13. 2

    Hi Gordon,

    Would love to get your feedback!

    My project is formjelly.com - You can create an account at https://app.formjelly.com/u/registrations/new (I haven't added the link to the marketing site yet).

      1. 1

        Thanks Gordon - great feedback, I really appreciate it!

  14. 2

    https://chyme.webflow.io/ <- super early stage so happy with anything

      1. 2

        Thanks, interesting that you thought of work collaboration. My initial idea was just like interactive radio kind of deal but you gave me a new perspective which I can think about cheers.

        1. 2

          Cool no worries.. "Hang out in live streams" makes me think I am hanging out with others in real time so that is why work collaboration came top of mind for me.

  15. 2

    Hi Gordon, thanks for offering to do this!
    Would love some feedback on this: https://validatorapp.com/

    1. 1

      I really like this product.

      Here is Your Review @Stortal

      1. 2

        Hey, @gordon thanks again for doing this. You summed up exactly what the product does. We just finished the MVP yesterday and don't have any users yet. We are launching on Producthunt and other platforms within the next week. I am happy that you liked it, also, the tool is fully operational so feel free to use it if you experience any problems then let me know and I will help you asap.

        1. 1

          Great to hear.... and best of luck with the launch on PH.

  16. 2

    It would be great to have your feedback Listle -> https://listle.app.link/Listle

  17. 2

    What a great idea!
    Would love your feedback for https://moneydo.netlify.app/

      1. 2

        @gordon that's just super amazing tips! I was walking around for last few months trying to understand what am I missing there and you just know it! Very big thanks to you!

        1. 1

          Glad you found it helpful!

  18. 2

    I see you've closed it, but I'll just put mine in case you manage to find the time for it :) welcometosicily.app

      1. 1

        thanks a lot man! 6 mins is quite some time considering how many have posted their MVP, really appreciate it.
        I see how you couldn't find the English flag in the menu, so I guess that's something I should be aware of. Thought it was obvious but apparently not really.

        Also, images were loading super slow, may I ask how bad was your internet connection? just to figure out how much the issue is on "my side".

        Again, super thanks :)

        1. 1

          My pleasure. Ah okay, I remember seeing the flag, but I was not clever enough to think that was for the language lol. Apologies.

          My internet has had issues all day today so it could be mostly on my end. I did go on to your site again just now though and the images are still very slow to load. It could be worth looking into on your side also.

  19. 2

    Hi Gordon, nice of you! If you're taking requests we at https://serpwatch.io/ would love your insights.

      1. 1

        Hey @gordon much thanks man! Really helpful insight - sent to my team.

      1. 2

        Thanks for doing this, we ve been working on the product for just over a year but launched last week. Right now we have a lot of trials - hoping to convert to annual subscriptions - but yeah as it's a risk free trial we got plenty and hopefully more to come. Looking forward till we can get conversions. I would like to say the team behind Abyssale could be considered as experts in our respective fields (design and engineering) but it's our first time launching something built by ourselves for ourselves and our soon to be customers!

        1. 1

          That is very cool @orliesaurus. What did you build your website with ?

          1. 1

            It's hosted on Google Cloud and plain HTML/CSS/JS(react) - the secret sauce is in the programmatic banner generator!

            1. 1

              hello @orliesaurus , have you made the video yourself? If so what software did you use?

              1. 1

                Hired for the video, I believe it's all done with Adobe After Effects

  20. 2

    Thanks Gordon! Mine is a minimal task manager - https://www.nembus.app

      1. 2

        You're a superstar @gordon Thanks!

  21. 2

    Hey Gordon! I built a news aggregator that pulls in top stories from ~50 sources. Biggest pain point at the moment is trying to nail down a quality name with an available .com domain. Let me know what you think!

  22. 2

    I deployed this simple Facedetection API to RapidAPI:


  23. 2

    Thank you so much Gordan - here is mine - https://interviewformat.com/ . Looking forward to your early feedback while still working on the functionality.

      1. 2

        Wow Gordan, you're amazing. Thank you so much for the insights!! Really appreciate your time and effort here.

        1. 1

          You're very welcome!

      1. 2

        Wow, thank you so much for this

        1. 1

          You are very welcome!

  24. 2

    Thanks a ton @gordon, here is my product:

    Kindly let me know if you are seeking feedback for any product idea/landing page etc.
    I'm more than eager to help :)

      1. 1

        My deepest apologies for the delay in replying.
        @gordon Your review was immensely helpful. Thanks a ton! :)

  25. 2

    Appreciate the feedback Gordon. My product is https://www.encoro.org/

      1. 2

        Thanks for taking the time to review the application. Great tips on elevating the value prop and standing out from similar tools in the space.

        1. 1

          My pleasure my man. Looks like a great product overall!

      1. 2

        @gordon: You're an absolute legend. Thank you so much.

        Short answer to your questions: I have 6 customers, and have trouble finding product-market fit. I think it might be digital marketers, as they get a load of facebook receipts that need to be filed - however, I've done waaaay too little sales and direct communication with potential customers and am doing that now to figure out what's going on.

        1. 1

          Awesome my man. Yes, focus on the end user and get as much feedback as possible!

  26. 2

    Would love to get some feedback on my MVP > https://snailchat.app/ cheers

      1. 2

        Cheers @gordon that is really helpful, I'll tweak the landing page based on your feedback.

        The login didn't work because your password manager put in your username but the login form actually expects your e-mail haha. Maybe I should make the login form accept both username and email. There is in fact an app once you login.

        1. 2

          You're very welcome. Ah okay no worries. Keep up the great work!

  27. 2

    Hi @gordon! Huge thank you for this initiative. I'd love to get feedback on a writing platform I launched in alpha a week ago. Huge thanks for doing this!

    Project -> https://midnight.pub

    Here are keys:


      1. 2

        Huge thank you for taking the time! Really appreciate it.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a year ago.

    1. 1

      Hey @shrikar. I am getting a privacy error when trying to access your link!

      1. 2

        Sorry looks like an issue with the certificates here is the correct link https://www.givekudos.app

  28. 2

    Hi Gordon! Thanks a lot for doing this, I would love to have your feedback on my project : https://letmethink.io 🙂

      1. 2

        Thank you very much Gordon! I think we'll have to change our landing page to explain better what is the purpose of the totem.

        In fact, the totem is very important because it is what guarantee you that you'll have a conscious use of your phone. Right now, a lot of use is mindless, and to provide a conscious use, we led a lot of research and figured out that a physical object allowed us to be conscious while using our phones. Moreover, it allows you to create easy habits, which is a key element in order to allows us to change our behavior with our phones while working.

        1. 2

          Ah okay cool. That makes a bit more sense now that you explain it like that. You could tweak the copy on your site to reflect that and it would be much more clear for readers because my biggest question was "why do I need a totem"?

          1. 2

            Great! You are right, I should put it just under the video I think, I am gonna work on a new landing page 💪🏼
            Thank you very much!

            1. 2

              Best of luck with it.

              1. 2

                Thanks a lot Gordon!

  29. 2

    Thanks. I am drafting my membership page and love to have some external feedback: https://mindfuldevmag.com/membership

      1. 1

        Thank you :-) And I changed the pricing block now.

  30. 2

    Awesome! Here is my MVP https://glitter.now.sh/ - a video editor where you can make awesome clips of your apps features

      1. 1

        @gordon thanks for the feedback!

  31. 2

    Sweet! If you're on iOS would you mind hopping on my beta for https://burpeehero.com? The TestFlight link is on the website.

    I'm planning to launch in 6 weeks and want to really focus on refining the onboarding experience.

      1. 1

        Thanks Gordon. This was helpful. You're right, I haven't really figured out my target market yet but will put more thought into the value proposition.

    1. 2

      Looks nice. What can you do with the hero?

      1. 1

        You level up your hero and make him/her stronger. You can buy cloths for the hero, or feed it stuff to restore energy faster.

        Most of the game is just you doing exercise in real life. The hero doesn't really do much currently other than sit there and represent you and your progress.

        1. 2

          I saw a running app years ago, where you had to do in-game missions in a zombiecalypse setting. And during a run, the pace was changed based on zombies hunting you. Sadly, I don't remember the name anymore.

          If your app works out, maybe add some boss monsters one needs to seat in a squat-battle or so. Together with a heart rate monitor, that could become a nice game. damn, now I got a new idea I'd like to work on - defeating boss monsters in air-squat battles.

          1. 2

            I believe you're thinking of Zombies, Run. I've done a few missions in there recently and it's pretty cool.

            Yes, I've considered having bosses or missions that you beat by doing a certain number of reps. I'm thinking more along the lines of chipping away at a big number of reps to beat the boss. For example, the Pizza Monster boss might have 500 squat health, and 200 push-up health and you have 1 week to beat him by accumulating those reps. The next boss might require burpees and sit-ups etc.

            1. 2

              I looked at Zombies, Run and I think that was it. Never tried it though.

              I got some other ideas about boss battles in this scenario but I don't want to hijack this thread here, so feel free to reach out at [email protected] :-)

              1. 1

                I sent you an email.

  32. 2

    Hi Gordon,

    Here is the landing page - https://www.patturn.io/

    Appreciate the help and let me know what you think!

  33. 2

    Thank you for the offering. That's really kind of you. Just checked your website, it looks great!
    Here is my project: Portfollow https://www.portfollow.io/

      1. 2

        Thank you so much @gordon. I really appreciate your review and the effort you put into it. I am going to use your feedback asap.

        1. 1

          Glad you found it helpful @hourlier

  34. 2

    Thank you Gordon!
    Would be grateful for feedback: https://fixmybikeathome.com

      1. 2

        Thank you a ton Gordon! To answer your question, YES we do have customers and a user-base that's growing every day. Thank you again.

        1. 1

          Oh that is fantastic. Love how simple your product and site are. Your first users will be the best source of data for refining and iterating as you grow. You could even create a small community for bike lovers and grow it steadily over time too. Best of luck with it all!

  35. 2

    Remote Letter https://remoteletter.com

    It is a weekly newsletter for remtoe workers, freelancers and digital nomads. Currently on 3rd week.

      1. 2

        Thank you so much. Appreciate your work and the feedback.

  36. 2

    That’s an offer I cannot refuse :)
    Checkout https://slick.events.

    Just launched the public beta

      1. 2

        Thanks for your in depth feedback @gordon - much appreciated and all the best!

  37. 2

    Awesome! https://portabella.io, I'm hoping to launch on Product Hunt/Hacker News/etc any day now so feedback is welcome!

      1. 2

        Hey, thanks! Really appreciate you taking the time.

        I do agree the minute I get a paying customer, they're going to be the most useful resource for feedback.

        I'm not really targeting enterprises I must admit. In my head I'm thinking, if I provide a service as good as Trello/Asana/Jira, why wouldn't people use the end to end encrypted one? Do you think that's the right tactic? Maybe enterprise is the way to go. The issue with enterprise is that they'll probably find a solution they can self host...

        1. 1

          You're very welcome. Yes fair, this is an interesting one. I think you should test out both enterprise and private customers and see who resonates with it most. You won't know for sure until you test it and you might be surprised with some of the feedback.

    1. 1

      Your site loads weird on mobile

      1. 1

        You mean initially the flickering? I went a little too aggressive with the page speed there I admit.

        Or you're talking about something out of place?

        1. 1

          I think both, there's a huge image before the first scroll on mobile!

      1. 2

        I have only shown Quizbert to a handful of people earlier. Your feedback was very useful and motivating! I will start work on a more polished design for the frontpage, in particular I will try to make it look great on desktop.

        Thank you so much for taking the time to do this review!

        1. 1

          Great stuff @molsson. Pleasure my man.

  38. 2

    Awesome idea, would love some feedback and tips:


      1. 2

        Hey Gordon,

        Thank you very much for taking the time to review my site.
        I almost feel embarrassed for typing a response seeing you took the time to do a full video session on it.

        But for sure you have some good points there, still looking at the monetizing factor, not the largest goal for now, but definitely looking into building a community.

        Thank you so much for your review, cool to see how other people view my vision.

        1. 1

          Pleasure. Glad you enjoyed.

  39. 2

    Hi Gordon,

    Thanks a lot for offering this feedback, it’s super generous of you! I would love to get your impressions of my MVP of NullBox. NullBox Allows you to protect the privacy of your inbox through disposable email aliases. https://nullbox.co

    I look forward to your feedback and plan to check out your course.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. 2

        Thanks Gordon, I can't wait to watch it and see how I can keep improving NullBox!

        1. 1

          You're very welcome my man.

  40. 2

    Hey this is amazing.

    Here we go.

    Thank you for this Gordon !

      1. 2

        Damn Gordon, that was really nice to see and hear, I liked a lot how you explained everything, very understandable and helpful.

        It helped a lot if there is something I can do for you let me know. Will be more than happy to do so.

        1. 1

          Glad you liked it my man.

    1. 2

      9/10 I would add some more pages but your landing page is really well thought out!

      I would add: more data, more info about you and your team, why you're building this etc

  41. 2

    Thanks for doing this.

    Here's a tutorial from a maths education site I'm working on, I'd be super interested to know your thoughts. I'll be sure to check out your course :)

      1. 2

        Gordon, you are a legend. I took down so many ideas about the homepage, copy and design, tailoring to my audience and working out how to evolve my product according to feedback. From one educator to another, thank you! I hope you can come back and see the impact your advice will have.

        1. 2

          Awesome my man. Glad you enjoyed it.

  42. 2

    Hi Gordon,
    thanks for this opportunity: www.sheetpages.com
    Have a nice day!

    1. 2

      Thanks to both :)

    2. 2

      got a type "Sheetpages are faster thab 99th percentile of the sites"

  43. 2

    Hi Gordon, thanks for doing this. Would love to hear your thoughts on DevInsight: getdevinsight.com

    Also, love what you're doing with Startup Sanctuary.

      1. 1

        Hey Gordon, thanks so much for doing this, really useful! Totally agree on highlighting the "how" of the value proposition. Given me something to think about. Thanks again

  44. 1

    @gordon if the offer still stands, I would love to take you up on it!

    Installation page currently isn't published, but you can find it here: https://www.respo.ai/install

    Thanks for your time!

  45. 1

    Thanks for the opportunity, Gordon!
    My product: https://www.dashly.io/

  46. 1

    Hey Gordon. Don't now if you still have room to review but here is mine https://dotpay-dev.netlify.app . Onboarding the first beta customer soon. Appreciate your inputs :)

      1. 2

        Thanks Gordon. Spot on with the whitespace and copy.

  47. 1

    Awesome! User testing is great :)

    Try my latest project: https://www.tuneful.app

      1. 2

        Thanks! This is really helpful. You're doing a great service to everyone here.

        1. 2

          Very welcome my man. Love Your App

  48. 1

    Thanks in advance. Landing: https://zudvpn.com

    Looking forward to seeing your review!

      1. 2

        Wow, amazing. I love your review. I was thinking that the landing page is clear to introduce ZudVPN but after watching your review I understood that I have to completely change the descriptions on the page.

        Simply put, ZudVPN is actually directly competing with PureVPN, NordVPN or any other VPN service. Whenever you use PureVPN, NordVPN or so, you don't own the VPN server, meaning that any webpage you are visiting through a VPN service can be monitored. I don't mean that they monitor you, but if they do you won't notice that.

        The distinct feature of ZudVPN is that you will own the VPN server so nobody can monitor your visiting webpages. But this doesn't mean that you cannot be traced back. You can always be traced by the IP address. This applies to any VPN service as well.

        With ZudVPN, your VPN server that you connect will be owned by you on your own cloud service. Let's say you have an account on DigitalOcean - DigitalOcean is a cloud service where you can create your own servers. ZudVPN can connect to your DigitalOcean and deploy a server for you with industry-standard security configurations.

        1. 1

          Great stuff @miniyarov. Yes, definitely call out your value proposition and what makes ZudVPN unique vs competitors.

      1. 2

        Amazing. Thanks a lot Gordon.
        I like your style a lot. Video was super helpful to see how you think while you browse ♥️

  49. 1

    Hello Gordon, I was wondering if this kind of help (or similar) is something that you'll like to do on a regular basis?

    I've just launched a small GitHub site to create a community of tech people willing to spend some of their free time to have calls with people that need advice on your area of expertise.

    No money involved except donations that you could receive from the people you help.

    I could share the link if you're interested.

    1. 1

      Hi @gdi3d. Please send me an email with further details my man. You can find it on my profile.

      1. 2

        Ok thanks, I will.

  50. 1

    Thank you Gordon🙌

    Invite Code: P2020

    Less than 100 users right now, working on polishing the product.
    Please feel free to go on your profile and add a Piib, (Micropodcast)

  51. 1

    We are working on Feature Monkey, which is a customer feedback tracker.

    Would love to hear your thoughts about Feature Monkey

      1. 2

        Thankyou. This was really helpful. Also, would you be interested to try it out? It looks like this http://feedback.featuremonkey.com/

        1. 1

          Yes for sure. I will try to take a look at this for my own work in greater detail next week. Also, what did you build your site with @ananyaagrawal125?

          1. 2

            If you need help to walk through Feature Monkey let me know.

  52. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  53. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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