Let me promote your product for Free (4th edition) 📣

Last time I asked for products to feature in the newsletter, I got 50+ products to feature in the Marketer Crew newsletter. (sent to 2000 subscribers twice a week.)

Collectively I got 150+ product submissions in last 3 rounds of free promotion. (1st & 2nd & 3rd post link)

This time I am doing it again. So, mention your products like this.

P.S Product submissions who don't follow the mentioned format consider themselves dropped.

How to jump the ladder?
Products having more upvotes will be featured first than others.

Accepted Products

  • Anything that is not spam.


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  1. 7

    Bestie - connect with your support network to make sure you are notified when someone needs help, makes it very easy to ask for help, which gets harder the more you need it. Made by @pupeno and DoctorSarah.

    IH product page: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/bestie

  2. 6

    Checksub - The future of subtitling , today. Share your videos to everyone, everywhere with quality subtitles. Available in 170 languages. by @greenflowww

    1. 2

      If the accuracy is good it can be a game changer for YouTubers or video content creators who want to reach a global audience !
      YouTube automatic captions is not the best solution. It typically provides about 50-60% accuracy, which means that 1 in 3 words can be wrong...

  3. 6

    Hi Falak,

    thanks for doing this!

    We help companies to spark up a personal connection with visitors through video messages by displaying a video message with a call-to-action across their website and convert visitors into meaningful customers.


    1. 1


      Although it wasn't required to check it, but here is a ss while it was loading on my screen.


      1. 1

        By the way, you didn't add your username at end. This way I have to copy individually.

        1. 1


          What is the device you are using?

  4. 5

    Hanami - Email forwarding service for your custom domain, support SMTP, Webhook and URL redirection by @banhloc

    1. 2

      Looks pretty nice. Might give it a go when my zoho subscription expires.

      1. 1

        Yes, please try and let me know :-)

    2. 1


      Maybe you can remove this as you aren't requiring a credit card for the trial.

      "✓ No question ask cancelation"
      Check the spacing bw support and CTA on mobile.

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for your feedback. I missed the original notification.

  5. 5

    Browse AI - Extract structured data from any website at scale and monitor them for changes with no code, by @ardalanme

  6. 5

    Adflow.ai - Create high converting copy for ads and social posts in seconds using AI by @lorenzosignoretti & @signorettif

    1. 2

      @lorenzosignoretti this is slick. No more writer's block for me!! (at least for now)

      1. 1

        That's the goal 🙌. DM me on Twitter if you've got any feedback on Adflow

    2. 1

      Looks cool.

      I hope you have got few users with this comment.

      Interactive builder is nice.

      1. 1

        Thanks @FalakDigital for organizing the shoutout and for replying! This is awesome.

        Of course, if you need any additional information for the Marketer Crew newsletter, don't hesitate to reach out 😃.

    3. 1

      @lorenzosignoretti Nice Product! So clean and so fast! Can you share some insights about the stack you choose?

      1. 1

        I'm glad you liked it! DMs are open on Twitter if you have additional feedback😃.

        We are using a microservices architecture both on the frontend and on the backend.

        Our language of choice is Typescript: most of the fe is NextJs, the be is Node (+a couple of smaller services in Python).

        1. 1

          Thanks for sharing!
          I see you use firebase, can share why you choose it?

          1. 2

            We're only using it for auth. My partner in crime @signorettif has written a great piece on how to set things up with Firebase (that's mostly our starting point for the implementation on Adflow)

  7. 4

    Typedream - Create & publish a beautiful website with a simple interface by TypedreamHQ

    1. 1

      Found this super simple and short video on how to integrate Stripe using Typedream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTU2duGv0a0
      Literally 2 minutes of work. All that made possible using pricewell.io . Both great products

  8. 3

    Vidds.co - Fast, fun and easy online video editing, use templates to scale your video creation by @EdwardThomas & @AndrewV

  9. 3

    CodeWrite - Blogging tool for developers by @areknawo

    1. 1


      Good luck.
      Awesome site. Plus, I learned about Gumroad direct checkout.

      1. 1

        Funny that you mentioned the site, as it's in the mids of a redesign. 😅

  10. 3

    Remind1 - Say goodbye to missed appointments by sending automated text reminders from Google Calendar by @alx_rgr

    1. 3


      Beautiful and to-the-point site and illustration.

      High platform risk.

      Mention your trial length somewhere. As I can't get it even from pricing page.

      1. 2

        Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it

  11. 2

    Bump - protects your real email address by creating a unique email address for each website. Made by @lcd1232 and @kernelpicnic

  12. 2

    Blossom.team - Boost your well-being and productivity yourself or with a 1:1 coach with our science-backed virtual career coaching app - by @aj_alkasmi

  13. 2

    Evergreen Content Poster - a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a library of unlimited content from your WordPress posts or just content in general (think inspirational quotes, maybe your YouTube videos, etc.) that will be shared to your socials. This way, you can keep on promoting your evergreen content and get more traffic to your site by @hansvangent

  14. 2

    Wishpy - iOS & Android - build wish lists and registries for your birthday, baby showers, weddings and more by @mdfk

  15. 2

    Who can say no to that? Thank you @FalakDigital for asking!

    logology - Get a designer-quality brand identity for your startup, in 5 minutes, by @dagorenouf and @luciebaratte

  16. 2

    Senseily - Sell high-quality online courses, grow your audience and increase revenue under your own brand, by @gerardpons and @ricki_io

  17. 2

    https://acquireassist.com - Get your acquisition done, Productized Micro Private Equity broker for Micro SaaS by @jonwalch and @anilj

    1. 2


      Good luck.
      Btw, you are in a very competitive space.

      1. 1

        Do you know of any competitors besides the big brokers?

  18. 2

    https://midnight.pub - a virtual pub / internet message board to unwind after a long day. :)

  19. 2

    Hi, thanks for doing this!

    foxyapps.co - A curated collection of the most beautiful iOS and Android apps from around the world by @catico

    1. 2


      That's awesome man. First I thought it's another design inspiration stuff. But you have real examples there. Maybe modifying the tagline makes it more clear.

      1. 2

        Thanks! Glad you like it. And thanks for letting me know it's not clear enough.

        Perhaps it would be better like this:
        foxyapps.co - Discover the best real app designs in a curated collection of the most beautiful iOS and Android apps from around the world by @catico

  20. 2

    Hi Falak, this is a very cool initiative, thank you for doing this!

    TapeReal.com – a vibrant social community and a hot new marketplace for selling your EXCLUSIVE audio/video content by @tapereal

    1. 1

      Noted. Looks cool.

      But social buttons are so big and over the screen.

      First video was: 80 illustrations in 89 seconds. Title forced me to watch it full.

      1. 2

        Yes, that's the video on our public feed of content creators.

        Sorry, should have shared this link instead: https://web.tapereal.com

  21. 2

    Accessibility Enabler - Planning to take action towards your website accessibility compliance then this is the best place to start. Accessibility Solution by HikeOrders

    1. 1


      Remove 's' from your CTA.

      1. 1

        Now I have adopted your suggest everywhere on my website.

      2. 1

        Thank you for your suggestion. Will implement it.

  22. 2

    Hi Falak,

    I remember we talked about Landing Letter and I was at 20 subs then and haven't sent a single issue.

    Now Landing Letter is a family of 1400+ subs and every Wednesday (that's today) I send a complete landing page teardown of top performing landing pages.

    It made for those who wanna take their landing page conversion to the next level.

    Here's the url to my landing page.


    1. 1

      You are an inspiration.

      Launched newsletter in a month and scaled it so well. Great

  23. 2

    Hey Falak, coming in from your Marketer Crew community. Awesome place!

    Stories of Successful Ads – FREE copywriting breakdowns on $86 Billion (with a b) in profitable advertising shared once a week, written by Victor from UnfairCopy.

    1. 2

      I am a fan of your newsletter after reading $70 million dollar English course sales

    2. 1

      How you calculated $86 billion by the way/

      1. 1

        Through a couple hours of work. lol

        I had to take the available sales numbers (whether in quantity sold or revenue figures), put each respective year of sales numbers into an inflation calculator, and add all of it up.

        Let's just say that $86 billion is a low-end figure and cigarette companies made A LOT of money.

  24. 1

    Startup Checkr - a website that lists useful tools or apps that business owners or startups can use to boost their business. You can find it all in one place with over 500+ latest tools or apps listed. Created by @startupcheckr

  25. 1

    Affordable on-deman design services for startups, marketing teams and creative agencies @JungKim2

  26. 1

    Finage.co.uk - Providing market data feeds APIs and WebSockets for who would like to build financial applications and platforms. by @finage

  27. 1

    Approvol - flexible budget & purchase management system for small-to-medium businesses with multiple levels of approvals, by @wywywywy

  28. 1

    Weather api - Official yahoo weather api will deprecate on 1 May 2021, this is a replacement api compatible with official api

  29. 1

    Circles For Zoom - transform your Zoom experience by turning participants into circles on your screen to get your desktop back to take notes, multi-task, and be more productive by @daveschatz

  30. 1

    trymeasure.com - build a dashboard with all your tools in seconds with no-code

  31. 1

    Snippyly (http://snippyly.com/) - a privacy focused screen capture & collaboration tool. Instantly share your thoughts via a link. No sign up required. By @soleneoudet

  32. 1

    Launchdeck is an automated deployment service which lets you easily publish sites and applications from a Git repository to a server - by @wouterbesems

  33. 1

    https://datachroma.com/ Lead Generation and Data Enrichment Platform. Scrape the web, find and enrich lead data and automate your lead generation efforts with easy-to-use readymade modules.

  34. 1

    TextPost - Send a text, create a website. Full control of your blog-style site by sms messaging alone.

  35. 1

    https://nocodechart.xyz/, create interactive charts and add to your website without code

  36. 1

    PayFlexi - Offer flexible payment plans to your customers at checkout using your existing payment provider by @stanwarri

  37. 1

    PickingPal - Achieve 100% order picking & shipping accuracy through the use of barcode scanning. Never send out an incomplete order or the wrong items to your Customers ever again! By @iammike

  38. 1

    Instagram Growth Extension ( https://gumroad.com/l/MjsRM )- automation tool if you want to increase your followers and your popularity, also perfect for Instagram Marketers by @Ozzy101

  39. 1

    encaptiv The ultimate audience engagement platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person presentations & events by @1simplesoul

  40. 1

    ColdIQ (https://www.coldiq.com/) - curated roadmap of the best free resources to learn cold outreach by @MichIQ

  41. 1

    notica - save for later in notifications

  42. 1


    A weekly handpicked and vetted selection of early-stage startups delivered straight to your inbox → https://www.startupscrushing.com/

  43. 1

    Hey, people living on the internet
    Curiousfounders.com Short and Crisp Video Newsletter for Intenet makers and Entrepreneurs just like you

  44. 1

    Found.dev Find the best developer and developer jobs worldwide by @antsanchez

  45. 1

    MarsSwap.finance - The first decentralized synthetic assets exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by @MarsSwap

  46. 1

    https://www.appveen.com/platform-data-stack-cloud.html We help IT teams rapidly build backends for modern applications @rakeshb

  47. 1

    P42 - JavaScript code modernization for GitHub repositories by @lgrammel

  48. 1

    AiCam - Turn old phone into advanced security camera with full data privacy by @huongngtm

  49. 1

    Thanks for this!

    Daily - The easiest way to track your time by periodically asking what you are doing, by @nielsmouthaan

  50. 1

    OpinionX - free Customer Problem Stack Ranking tool for validating product ideas and finding product-market fit messaging by @danielkyne

  51. 1

    Whena.re - The most intuitive timezone viewer for your team, be mindful of WHEN are the members of your remote team. by @laurentsenta

  52. 1

    https://pupillary.org - an ai that prevents the bad health effects of staring at a screen all day by @Pupillary

  53. 1

    makers-db.com - A search engine for finding online makers and their online projects (currently with 6000+ maker accounts) by @rodbarest

  54. 1

    The Beerologist (https://thebeerologist.substack.com/) A newsletter bringing the science of brewing delicious beer to breweries, brew enthusiasts, and homebrewers by @Beerologist.

  55. 1

    Compare Web Service - Find, Compare & Choose best cost-effective services for Free by @HeyNikhila

  56. 1

    https://blanq.io - A powerful URL shortening and link management platform. Add custom domains, route traffic, track link performance and grow your business.

  57. 1

    GoodPlates - A minimalist recipe finder

  58. 1

    CloudLAN - Secure Cloud VPN software for remote teams. Access organization resources from anywhere, Cast services with Public & Team URLs, Share files without uploading by @s1threddy

  59. 1

    APITemplate.io - Auto-generate images and PDF documents with a simple API or no-code tools such as Zapier, Integromat & Airtable by @bktan

    Thanks @FalakDigital

  60. 1

    lagandlog.com - Blogging platform with free portfolio

  61. 1

    Remote Leaf - Remote Leaf helps job seekers save time by scouring hundreds of remote job boards and send them the ones that are fit based on the skills and location.

  62. 1

    Activated Scale: Connecting founders with on-demand access to vetted sales leaders that grow sales by @prateekrmathur

    How do I link activatescale.com in the name so that it fits your format?

  63. 1

    Pagereview - Share clear and concise design feedback on any website. For growing digital agencies & freelancers by @JonathanL

  64. 1

    apistack: webflow for the backend that allows you to easily create APIs with no or low code efforts.

  65. 1

    Schedulr - Automate meeting scheduling and easily schedule appointments without the back and forth by @rickyio

  66. 1

    Contentkoala.com - Put your company blog and social content on autopilot and reclaim hours each week. By @contentkoala

  67. 1

    Schoolnotes Portal - Educational content platform to help high school students understand their courses better by @hyperboliccyan

  68. 1

    VirtualPeer.co - Group coaching for your career and leadership development by @may_ireland

  69. 1

    Thanks @FalakDigital!


    Community is the biggest asset for any digital product. Playgroup is a modern community platform for the 21st century. Easy five-minute setup. Start your free 14-day trial today!


  70. 1

    Lynkfire - Your most deserved link-in-bio page. We all deserved better than just a single boring horizontal link by @mrpotatodip

  71. 1

    FORUM.LAND - Generate a community forum where your users can post and comment on questions, feedback, etc by @yunl

  72. 1

    Untrack - Protecting you from link tracking on Android by @sensen

  73. 1

    Podse.io - Enhance your podcast workflow and SEO with this automated transcript and annotation product by @podse_io

  74. 1

    Social Remix - Create 30 social media messages in 60 seconds for free by @DustinWStout

  75. 1

    Stock Recommandations from Wall Street analysts straight to your inbox https://stocksnacks.co

  76. 1

    www.suitebooks.io: Store the books you read, and share them to connect with your friends by https://twitter.com/huttiepant

    Thanks for the offer @FalakDigital, awesome stuff!

  77. 1

    remotebase.co - Get the best long-stay airbnb discounts (think 40-70% off!) in your inbox, sent once a month - by @cerra

  78. 1

    Dequora - Your AI powered personal shopper to find the best furniture for your style by @JeroCosio and @toche

  79. 1

    http://joincolab.io/ - an education program that provides hands-on, team-based product shipping experience for aspiring technologists, by https://twitter.com/heyohelen

    alternatively, for today only (launching today!) :D

    https://www.producthunt.com/posts/you-belong-in-tech-1-0 - a free booklet of resources and inspiration for non-traditional techies looking to break into the industry, also by me!

    appreciate this a lot Falak! :-)

  80. 1

    https://www.staat.co/ - Mission control for engineering management by @davidkylechoe

  81. 1

    PopDo - A task list for the Mac menu bar by @ds9soft

    1. 1

      BTW, thank you for this!

  82. 1

    HostedScan - affordable security vulnerability scanning for servers and websites. @FiveOFive

  83. 1

    Incognito for Slack - A Slack app for anonymous messages & polls so leadership knows what their team is really thinking by @IncognitoSlack

  84. 1

    Great Initiative, thanks a ton @FalakDigital.

    Polygonjs - a node-based WebGL engine to create unique 3D experiences by fradingue

  85. 1

    Deployment from Scratch - Demystify deployment by learning the crucial ground work for deploying Ruby and Python web applications by @strzibnyj

  86. 1

    Hello Falak,

    I made a Next-Gen Wireframe Kit/Tool with 180+ Web sections for Figma. Let me know what do you think! https://www.uranus.design

  87. 1

    GatherThoughts - Quickly create pages and gather peoples feedback, votes on your thoughts, question, idea, plan, event or anything.

  88. 1

    Hey Falak,

    You’re awesome for doing this! Have to say this is a great growth hack for your newsletter as well!!

    Message Monkey helps companies retain and engage users through the power of text messaging by @sameerkapur

  89. 1

    The Slate - Aggregate your critical product metrics (SLIs, SLOs, etc.) and microservice architecture decisions by mcvicar

    1. 2

      Been using it a while ago, it was honestly really efficient and clean!

  90. 1

    Wow! Just subscribed to your newsletter. Maybe my writing course will be helpful given your audience: https://skl.sh/2MzIHr0 Thanks!

  91. 1

    https://nextails.com - Nextjs + TailwindCSS Templates created by @seattlehacker

  92. 1

    https://leavetrackapp.com/ - get control and visibility over staff leave and remote work by @robinjfisher

  93. 1

    We are running 50% off on our Product manager's guide


  94. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  95. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  96. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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