Bloggers October 18, 2020

So, I built a tool for rapid content research

Muntasir Rashid @muntasir

Hey bloggers,

We have been working on a productivity platform for last 4 months and I am happy to announce, we are open to try 🎉

Postpace is a topic research & content brief automation tool for writers, bloggers, marketers & content teams. Our goal is to automate the content research process and save time.

Sign up here (no paywall):

Looking for feedbacks :)

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    Hi, I gave it a try. It seems neat. Not so sure I'd use it myself but can see the value for those who use it if they're job/work is to create content for others.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback :)

  2. 2

    Awesome. How is it different compared to, Surfer SEO, and Market Muse?

    1. 1

      I have used Market Muse, it's way too sophisticated. I wouldn't compare Postpace with them. Frase & Surfer SEO is quite similar to us in terms of topic report but I believe, their actually value lies in their optimization dashboard.
      Our goal with Postpace is to help rapidly study a topic and come up with a content brief. We are more like an writing planning tool with automated workflow than a SEO software.

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        Cool. So im assuming price will be cheaper than those platforms?

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    I like the tagline, "Its a productivity platform".
    So the workflow is automated here ?
    You would search for a keyword, get results and share insights on each of them after parsing through them and looking at keywords, length, weight and so on.

    1. 1

      Yes, exactly. On top of that, we also have a content brief editor to prepare a content brief from the topic report. Content brief is shareable with a url.

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    looks nice, do u use a bunch if apis ? if so what ?

    1. 2

      Not really. Search results are scrapped using a service and rest is built within the app.

      1. 2

        understood and honestly I was looking to create very similar tool. One thing I was looking for is pricing, compared to other tools urs could be content research with a very valuable price point.

        1. 1

          The cost per report goes high if the tool is based on APIs. Some of the text processing APIs are quite expensive. So we built most of the things within our platform. For scraping, we are using serpapi service.

      2. 1

        @muntasir what service do you use for scraping ?

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