Got accepted into pre18 startups

Officially a #pre18ner!

Caproni is one of 42 companies that will form the third generation of the pre18 startup program.

They provide 20k USD in equity free funding, mentorship and access to their network.

20k in funding should be enough runway for takeoff.

This is the first time I get into a program of this type after many attempts. Persistence pays off.

The program takes place in my native Puerto Rico. Now I feel an obligation to make this startup grow beyond me so that I can support the local economy.

BTW Puerto Rico is good place to start a startup. Checkout the Parallel 18 program (pre18's big sister). They provide 40k in equity free funding for startups from anywhere in the world.

Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, you get access to the US system while at the same time being in a fiscal paradise. There are many US expats who moved here for the tax benefits and the year round nice weather.

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