$10K in revenue and 200 articles!

So happy! I just crossed $10K in revenue (screenshot) as I crossed 200 articles published on my website, which is all about neuroscience-based content for people who want to make the most of their mind.

The reason why I'm sharing these two milestones in a combined post is because I think they're a perfect illustration of a slow overnight success.

I launched the newsletter in July 2019, and I have been publishing between 3 and 5 articles each week since then, without fail. By February 2019, the newsletter had generated a grand total of $1.8K through sponsorships, which—admittedly—I never proactively pursued. In March 2020, I launched the paid membership, with a discussion forum, virtual meetups, extra content, discounts on mindful productivity apps, and more. Today, in May 2020, I crossed $10K in revenue from the membership alone.

To me, this is a significant milestone, because it's the first time I'm generating recurring revenue. It's also one of the first times the user and the payer are one and the same person. Compare this to corporate consulting and sponsorships, where the payer is an employee spending company money. Not only this is an incredible vote of confidence, but it's also much more sustainable. While losing one corporate client can be extremely stressful, my new revenue model is much more stable.

Thanks everyone for your support. I got so much help from this community, learning about newsletters, productisation, turning value into revenue, and more. I love being part of this hardworking community of fellow founders all figuring it out together!

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    Well-deserved milestone Anne-Laure! Been really enjoying following along through your Twitter. Glad to see you in this community as well

  2. 3

    I am so proud! Still remember when you talked about maybe opening up a community, and now you're here :) To the next 100k and beyond!

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      Thanks so much, Dom! 🤗

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    Very impressive, congrats! Subscribed to the newsletter 😊

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    Congratulations Anne-Laure! I'm wondering, do you write all the articles yourself or collect them? And how often do you send a newsletter?

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      Thank you! I write all the articles myself, and I send the newsletter every Thursday :)

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        Wauw that’s impressive, I signed up :)

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    Congrats Anne-Laure!!! Well deserved due to your work ethic and systems! I’m excited for the future. :)

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    Congratulations Anne. That seems like a tremendous growth within a year.

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    What is your response when people online question your background and expertise (what makes you qualified to write about this topic?)

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    Congrats! you well deserved it.

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    Wow! Thumbs up!
    Excellent milestone.
    Let me pose you a couple questions:

    • do you think your setup could be replicated in other niche?
    • neuroscience is something always excited me.
      Do you plan to expand further and say, launch a product? Like supplements? If not, what's your take on that side of your area?

    Thank you and greetings!

    1. 1

      Thank you! Yes I think this can be replicated for any area people are curious about. In terms of products, no short-term plans but why not! There's a lack of evidence-based products in that space and lots of snake oil.

      1. 1

        Well, I run a venture builder in London and among our brands we got a nutraceutics brand, Springceuticals. For now it's more of a organic beauty and wellness brand, but we'd like to add some more technical product, maybe under a sub-brand or a totally new one. I am a long time user of organic nootropics but I always felt like there's a gap between the scientific ones and the not so.
        Would be cool to have a chat and maybe, who knows, team up on that, without pressure or tight deadlines, of course.
        PM in case...

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    Hi Anne-Laure, I'm a fan of your work for 2 or maybe even 3 years :) Great result!

    Btw, if you want to republish some of your articles at Hackernoon - tell me

    1. 1

      Thanks so much, Arthur! I don't really publish technical articles, so didn't think that was an option!

      1. 1

        there always will be a space for your articles :)
        plus you can drive some traffic into your website

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    Congrats Anne-Laure, make that money!

    1. 1

      Thank you, Courtland! 🙏

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    Congrats, Anne-Laure, what do you use for your website and email newsletter platforms?

    1. 1

      Thank you! Website is WordPress and email is MailChimp.

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    Superb! You've inspired me to work harder !

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    Awesome! Congratulations! 🎉

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    Huge huge congrats Anne-Laure! busy trailing behind your path as a fledgling newsletter operator Excited to see what's next.

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    Great Stuff! This is quite impressive :)

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    Congrats Anne-Laure.

    • How has the growth been in terms of number of subscribers? Linear?
    • How about articles' views? Any particular article that became a "hit"?
    1. 1

      Thanks, Leo! I had a few bumps in subscribers (for instance when I launched on Product Hunt or when an article hits the front page of Hacker News), but it's mostly linear. As for article views, yes, definitely some "hits" — again mostly because of Hacker News.

      1. 2

        HN can be a harsh environment, but once you hit the front page, you are in a good position

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    Well done Anne-Laure! Very impressive :)

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