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New Milestone
  1. MetaSurvey almost closed, but survived 2020
    Heya`ll. It is my message to all Founders. Time flies fast. 1 year have passed when in December 2019 when a team of 10 IndieHackers invented and launc
  2. Added sign-up and sign-in functionalities
    My default choice for user authentication and authorization is AWS Cognito. However, for sake of implementation speed, I went with Auth0 for this proj
  3. ChipBot v2.6 - Updated Editor, More Reporting Data
    We’re back with another update and some new features this month! This winter has been cold, but these new updates are hot off the keyboards (and teste
  4. Brand new landing page is launched🔥
    Thanks for tons of feedback on the last landing page, now we are proud to announce a new version of the landing page for Loopit (https://loopit.dev/),
  5. Came up with my idea
    After some long boozy dinners discussing the stock market, everyone felt that they had the best collection of companies. Why isn't there a place we ca
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