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⚡ IL - Link building hack - five lines of JS that brought us a lot of backlinks, how you should (probably) rewrite your cold email

Falak Sher @FalakDigital

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  • Make converting Landing Pages! Rob Hope is all-around pro when it comes to designing landing pages. Recently he published Landing Page Hot Tips course where he shared 100 actionable tips covering design, optimization & conversions only. He has shared a 40% discount coupon which applies automatically when you visit this link 👉

  • Check that AI automatically generates titles, copies, and CTA's using AI so you can test it by @gonzamordecki14

  • Everyone can build. The real problem is to sell what you've built. So learn the art of selling. by @zencentric (ClickToTweet)

  • Always make sure each link has a preview thumbnail for social sharing by @simplisticallysimple

  • Market your marketing material. Just posting on Product Hunt is not enough by @rabbitfoot8 (ClickToTweet)

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5 tips to post successfully on Hacker News by @1hakr

Tip#1: Title should always be as unique as possible.
Tip#2: Best time to post is on weekends.
Tip#3: Its good to get few upvotes immediately after posting.
Tip#4: Keep engaging with the audience.
Tip#5: Keep posting every week till you make it to the top and keep experimenting with the title.

Link building hack - five lines of JS that brought us a lot of backlinks by @mthread, a social network for gamers, noticed that many people took part in our content and copied it on their websites or platforms. So they did a little experiment, and it has yielded a good amount of backlink.

How you should (probably) rewrite your cold email by @watus

  • You should say "you" 10 times more than "I"
  • Your email shouldn't be more than 5 sentences
  • Your copy shouldn't contain more than 70 words
  • Don't add a "booking link" at the end and ask for them to select a time before they actually expressed an interest to talk
  • Use interest-based CTAs instead of saying "how does Friday 10am works for you?"
  • Personalize your reach out by finding something relevant about them that would be difficult for a robot to automate and tie it back to the reason why you reach out
  • Don't talk about your company in a direct way, but talk about the problems your prospects face
  • Don't mention your company's name in the copy, but mention the firms that are clients of yours or competitors of theirs
  • Use "pattern interruption" methods
  • Alternate short and longer sentences to keep your reader engaged
  • Don't use any formating
  • Consider at least 8 touchpoints before moving on to the next person
  • Never say that you're "the best" at anything. "Show, don't tell".
  • Add personal touch to the outreach effort by making a personalized short (1-2 min) video using Loom etc.

Tired of writing my newsletter, what should I do? by @andrewkamphey

Nobody is forcing you to send it out. If you haven't sent out a newsletter in a month. No worries mate. We all have ebbs and flows.
There are 100 other things you can spend your time on.

Here are a few suggestions that might ease the "workload"

  1. If you're monetizing it at all, hire someone. They work 5 hours a week. Produce 5 newsletters for you.
  2. Batch Write 10. Just sit down and write a series.
  3. Resend your archives. Copy-paste and send. Write at the top: "I'm on break for a month, here are some past greatest hits". You can produce 10 in an hour. Add at the bottom "any readers want to try writing this newsletter yourself? email me"
  4. Change the format. Try something else.

Most underrated piece of advice by @adawg4

1 . Consistency is key. Being consistent with how you show up every day and move the needle is half the battle. Whether you are marketing your business or you are iterating on your product/service offering, keep showing up each day and push to improve 1% from the day before. It all adds up and compounds over time. (ClickToTweet)

2 . When things feel like you're pushing a boulder up a hill all the time, I think it's fair to assume something fundamental needs to be changed. (ClickToTweet)

3 . If you want a chat feature on your product. Don't build it. Just pay for a service that lets you add that feature to your product. This is especially good advice when you are still trying to get product-market fit. (ClickToTweet)

4 . Fall in love with the problem, not the solution. (ClickToTweet)

5 . Just launch. So simple, so true. And relaunch often by reiterating based on customer feedback. (ClickToTweet)

6 . Delegate. When businesses grow and mature, you can't handle everything, and more importantly: you can't do it as well as an expert. Then think of all the tasks you really don't like doing or aren't the best at, and start hiring to meet those needs. (ClickToTweet)

7 . Learn to enjoy the process, not the outcome. (ClickToTweet)
8 . Delayed gratification vs instant gratification. It is quite easy to do things for there's an instant reward/impact, but to do anything worthwhile, it will require focus and belief in delayed gratification (ex. icecream vs exercise). And things compounds - both bad and good. (ClickToTweet)

9 . We always tend to overestimate what we can do in a day or a week, but combined with delayed gratification, the power of compounding can be really used to gain big wins. (ClickToTweet)

10 . Do the right thing always when you have to choose between right & easy. (ClickToTweet)


  • InVideo is a Canva for making professional videos in minutes. Start telling your story with library of millions of stunning images, royalty-free videos, and music that match your message. It has more than 345 reviews on AppSumo. And I am thinking to buy it too. 👉 Get Invideo here

  • FindThatLead is sales prospecting tool to scale lead generation by finding, verifying, and contacting leads with one tool. You can perform advanced searches based on tags (location, job position, etc.), and send unlimited emails directly within it. It's offering lifetime deal for $49. And have more than 64 reviews on AppSumo.

  • Want to be a pro in Google Sheets? Then grab lifetime access to Andrew kamphey's bettersheets. It's the only deal I came across with 5 star reviews. Become Google sheets expert for 19$ now or for 99$ when AppSumo deal is over.

1 . How to launch again and again (Source: Y Combinator Youtube) by @krishan711

2 . Make your marketing realer (53 upvotes) by @harrydry

3 . Ten growth mistakes that first time SaaS founders make (good) by @iammarcthomas


  •, re-discover the Magic of the Internet every week by @thelandofrandom

  • is a private community for digital makers, bootstrappers, and indie founders.

  • is an easy to use web-based design editor packed with a huge library of design assets including 2 million icons, 3k Illustrations, 3k mockups and thousands of elements and assets like patterns, photos, abstract shapes and more, additionally a massive gallery of professionally designed ready to use templates in case you don't want to start from scratch

  • is the stock market in your inbox. Get insights on the Stock Market directly into your email daily.

  • gives you a backend to build your smart (IoT-connected) products on. It makes sure your apps control your devices perfectly (with almost no lag) and your databases scale automatically by @abdullahmahboob

  • is the first social video app where you're not spied on (frankly we're not smart enough to figure out how) by @jared

  • is a fast way to build websites using Google sheets. Just plug in your Google Sheets and start publishing your website. Build beautiful data-rich websites using Google Sheets without writing code by @upenv

  • helps filmmakers submit their films to a curated list of film festivals that are perfect for their film by @tobby123

  • - curate, summarise and deliver the best product read of the day directly to your Whatsapp inbox by @noobiehacker

  • handpick thousands of remote jobs from 100+ job boards and send you the relevant ones straight to your inbox by @abinaya

1/ Early days: try things that don't scale, how to beat big competitors, 180 link building strategies
2 / Increase interest in your special offers with in-app messaging, why are your paid conversions low?
3 / Use GIF & memes for free brand exposure, reach a new audience by purchasing an old Chrome extension

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