🔥 Let's follow each other's projects! 😎 (drop yours below) 👇

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Let's make this thread blow up with projects!

🤯How it's going down :
➡️ Your IH product link
➡️ What your project is and the problem it solves (throw in other links too if you want lol)

THEN Find projects you like, drop some follows, and make sure to follow the person making it!

I'll start:
👉 I'm building Hitsnag, which shoots what you email yourself straight to the productivity app it needs to be in. It saves you the hassle of transferring what you email yourself, not having the right app on your phone, and the app fatigue from using all of your productivity tools in the first place.

😍 Would love it if you could throw an email to my waitlist, you'll make my whole week and get a discount on launch day! 🤗

PS: If you don't have a project, still throw over some follows and spread the love by upvoting this post! 🙌

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    Thank you @adawg4

    I'm working on Promote - Affiliate & influencer marketing made simple

    Promote is an affiliate and influencer marketing platform that SaaS and eCommerce founder uses to recruit, manage, engage, track, and pay their affiliates & influencers in one dashboard.

    We have a database of over 2k top performing affiliates and influencers.

    IH link: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/promote

  2. 6

    This is a great post! Would love to participate:

    https://apistacks.com is a SAAS 🚀 platform offering all in one APIs that turn links into usable data! Let the follows begin 😁

    1. 1

      God damn it, I feel to down.
      Such a great product 👍🏻

    2. 1

      following! good luck!

  3. 5

    Great post Aidan, followed Hitsnag and joined your waitlist! I'm working on Product Names, it's all about available domains for inspiration or new projects 🚀 I tweet out a new available domain everyday, any interested can check out the project at ProductNames.co

    1. 3

      Also gave you a follow. Good luck!

    2. 3

      Cheers! Shot some follows your way and one to the Twitterverse. 🐱‍🏍

    3. 2

      good luck! you have another follow :)

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    I'm working on Portabella (https://portabella.io), a privacy friendly project management platform.

    Let me know what you think!

    1. 1

      nice niche! good to have one in such a competitive market! following

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    This is a little different since I'm not creating a tech based business. I'm launching a homemade, locally sourced granola production business homemadecrunch.com.
    Here's my product: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/homemade-crunch
    I'm also looking for feedback: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/looking-for-feedback-on-a-few-parts-of-my-business-60c5a71da5

    1. 2

      Nice! I worked on a handmade platform awhile ago and def am gunna stay in the loop, you might just be pioneering a new type of indiehacking! 🤩

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    here's mine.
    A job board for digital marketes in India.

    1. 1

      The landing page show "no jobs were found," and it quite empty at the beginning. You might want to have something there as default.
      Following you :)

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    Just dumped a page out there to see if it sticks https://questionscount.com/

    1. 1

      curious to see the results. following :)

    2. 1

      I thought it was amusing :D Fellow Vue'r ;)

      1. 1

        Thanks. I also used some firebase functions for the server side. The emulator made it quite easy.

  8. 4

    Mine's still under wraps so I'll 'throw' an upvote 😄

  9. 3

    Working at join.coulf.com - a private community for indie product makers and founders.

    After 2 weeks of surviving zero motivation got insane amount of motivation today. And tomorrow is Monday, let's see.

    Here's it on IH https://www.indiehackers.com/product/coulf-private-community

  10. 3

    Lots of interesting projects here. As always this board is a great inspiration.

    mine project is https://proxiesapi.com

    It's a rotating proxies service for web scraping.

  11. 3

    Thanks for doing this post @adawg4!

    I am currently working on building app.ruttl.com

    ruttl is a visual collaboration tool built exclusively for the designer community! It allows various team members like designers, developers and client to collect feedback, collaborate, and manage ideas on live websites.

    1. 1

      following :) love the short video next to the registration.

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot, appreciate your feedback!

  12. 3

    https://exploringreact.com aims to help people learning React get past the pain points and get productive. It’s a only information site at the moment and pre-product.

    1. 1

      following :)
      Is it a WordPress site? and if so why choosing WordPress for reactjs learning?

      1. 1

        What would you choose? I could use React although then I’d really have to use nextjs as I’d want server side renderings and I just wanted to publish easy. Do the exploration stuff elsewhere!

  13. 3

    I recently released the MVP of Waiting list. A simple API to power your sign up forms. Has support for referrals & I recently added support for Zapier. If you are planning to build a landing page and collect a bunch of emails you could give this a spin :)
    Link to the Product

    1. 1

      looks cool! following

    2. 1

      Nice one! Should gamify the signup system to incentivize more ppl to sign up to those waitlists! Shot you a follow! Ill follow more peeps when I wake up lol.

      1. 1

        I plan to do that. But I need to get a couple of folks to start using the product first :)

  14. 3

    Great post! I've been working on a marketplace for social media marketing services for about 3 years now, it's called liketide.com. I'm a solo founder and consider this project my biggest success with over 1,250 vetted sellers and 2,200 awesome services available for over 50 social media platforms. I've just now added support for affiliates and child panels (so anyone can get a white-labeled store with our catalog and start making money).

    I'll start following all the projects here! <3

    1. 2

      Congrats on the solo success and hop on the train!!! 🚂

      1. 1

        this looks great, who provides these services ? is this legit ?

    2. 1

      Was just thinking about a social media manager today...Following!

  15. 3

    Awesome idea!
    I'm working on Curatorlist.com ( https://www.indiehackers.com/product/curatorlist )a site to create awesome lists & build a ❤ community.

    1. 2

      Good one, following ;)

      1. 1

        Thanks! That landing page wouldn't be there without your patient help and Coulf.com

    2. 2

      Nice, shot you follow! 🍻

    3. 1

      following :)
      the website popup keeps poping up makes it hard to explore the landing page.

      1. 1

        Hi Ido, thanks for the heads-up, improving that ASAP!

        1. 1

          I think this is an exit intent popup that keeps showing.

    4. 1

      Following and the site looks great!

  16. 2

    Hey all! I'm building Kbee.

    Kbee is a knowledge base product that turns a collection of Google Docs into a professional Knowledge Base. We built Kbee in response to our own frustrations with other knowledge base tools.

    We realized most of our Kb articles started off as Google Docs. Publishing these Docs directly to the web wasn't great. The articles never looked very professional nor could a user search across multiple docs to get the answers they need (unless we invited them to a specific Drive Folder itself).

    Other tools seemed to require us to learn (and relearn) a clunky UI/UX or deal with predatory pricing to have a professional looking Knowledge Base/Help Center. We're building Kbee to be the easiest KB product out there. You can write and format your articles in Google Docs and we'll take care of publishing it in a Knowledge Base format.

  17. 2

    A bit late but would love to participate.

    IndieData provides scraped databases to solve the data extraction problems be it for marketeers or indie developers. We have 5 pre-scraped databases and we provide custom ones too based on the client's requirements.

  18. 2

    https://www.cloudcape.de/en/home-en/ is a cybersecurity service provider focusing on Automated Network Penetration Testing and Breach and Attack Simulation Plattforms. Lots of interesting projects here. Good luck to everyone!

  19. 2

    Great idea Aidan!

    So Enter Network is the community for European early-stage entrepreneurs. Building a business is a challenge — particularly when faced with a global pandemic. And considering much of the startup-world is US-centric, we've set up an online community of open-minded early-stage entrepreneurs from all over Europe who are willing to share their journey and truly help one another.

    Also, here's the website.

  20. 2

    I'm working on Backtalk, a super simple survey creator.

    I've grown a number of different SaaS products and email newsletters, and survey creation is always one of the most time consuming and frustrating processes, especially when I'm just trying to get simple feedback.

    I'm building Backtalk so you (and I) can start getting and sharing feedback without having to go through an annoying, multi-step creation process.

    The specific use case I'm aiming to serve is people who have recurring, one-question surveys they ask their audience. A few features like the ability to set answers to questions based on URL parameters, make the tool particularly flexible for use in email.

  21. 2

    Thank you @adawg4

    I'm working on SeeLink (https://seelink.app) - The easiest way to share and collaborate on links with friends, family, and teammates.

    SeeLink was created to simplify sharing links with friends and family. Conventionally, sharing links with people was done through messaging apps, where they would get lost in the sea of messages. SeeLink allows its users to create boards to share links with specific people, allowing them to save and share human-readable links at the click of a button.

    IH link: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/seelink

  22. 2

    I'm working on Sideway (https://looksideway.com), a community of designers showcasing published/live projects. We're about 1500+ designers currently.

    Also, previously built http://figmafreebi.es/ .

    Launching 2 more products in the next couple weeks.

    1. 1

      Sideway looks really neat. Definitely going to sign up and check it out.

  23. 2

    Great post @adawg4!

    Just launched a Public Beta of funden.app.

    Funden is a mobile-based directory of 1500+ VC firms and 7500+ startup investors all around the world.

    We are currently in BETA, but at the same time working alongside VCs on something much more exciting.

    If any of you guys would like to sign-up, we're giving away 3-months Premium Subscriptions free of charge (no credit card, commtiment, renewals or stuff like that). If interested just drop me a note mentioning this post: team@funden.app.

    P.s. IH project link here: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/funden

    Looking forward to following your projects guys!

  24. 2

    Great post @adawg4 !
    QuickEngine is a fast and easy-to-use Site Search SAAS 🚀.
    It provides to your users with an easy search experience.

  25. 2

    Sellox is build for the 300 million businesses in Africa who want to sell their products to customers at home and abroad. https://sellox.app

    We have over 300 sellers in Gambia and preparing to lunch in Ghana early next year :)

    1. 1

      following :)
      What's your business model? Do you take a cut from the transaction?

  26. 2

    Thank you @adawg4

    I am working on Pollymetrix.

    Online survey, issue track and analysis to help small businesses get feedback, track issues and increase customer satisfaction.


    Feel free to register, and try it out, it will be free for as long as we don't take it live.

    Currently MVP

    Upvoting your post and following your product! :)

  27. 2

    exocharts.com helping traders to be more efficient in todays crypto markets

  28. 2

    Here comes mine:
    DevMonitor.io - free website monitoring tool

    This is the very first side project I have managed to release to the public.
    Feel free to try it out (it's free) and let me know what you think! 🙂

    1. 1

      following :)
      the "Start for free" button leads to the contact page, I think the right action would be the registration page. very generous free option.

    2. 1

      Congrats on the first! 🎉

  29. 2

    Thank you @adawg4

    I'm about to launch TAPP (https://www.tapplists.com) on iPhone. A privacy-first community/platform for friends to help each other by creating and sharing personal recommendations on what products that are worth buying (ie sports gear, tech gear, cooking, biking, skincare, sneakers, books, etc). Share your interest, hobbies, experience and trust! Please sign in for iPhone release for December 7, 2020 🚀 -- THANK YOU ALL!

    1. 1

      following :)
      good luck!

      1. 1

        Almost there! Thank you and great to connect!

  30. 2

    Love this idea.
    Here is mine: sqlpad.io
    Product hunt: SQLPad
    Learn or refresh SQL skills by solving 80 coding interview questions online.

      1. 1

        Thanks, followed back. : )

  31. 2

    Inksprout (https://inksprout.co) - AI summarizer for LinkedIn (IH product). It's a simple Chrome extension that adds text to your post when sharing links.

    I used ran social media account for my previous product. Every time I tried to find good quotes from articles and shared them along. That way, followers get more context rather than just the headline. I wanted to automate that process.

  32. 2

    Nice idea @adawg4!

    I'm building Churndler.
    IH link: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/churndler

    Churndler solves the pain of collecting structred user feedback at the time the user want to unsubscribe from you service. A lot of SaaS understands that feedback collection is important but only some really do it properly, we want to help any size of SaaS to collect structured feedback and analyse it for insights.

  33. 2

    Android & iOS app for creating wishlists (bday, baby shower, wedding etc.) and letting your friend see it (sign through phone to see other people from your contact book)

    1. 1

      right on time for the holidays :) following

    2. 1

      Can you cross things off if youve bought something for someone else and it shows publicly but they dont know who bought it?

      1. 1

        Not yet, but I plan to add it

  34. 2

    I'm working on My Food Diary. It is a mobile app that detects food using your camera, and tries to determine it's category. The goal is to have a record of what you eat, and eventually add calorie counting. The mvp is available in the Google Play Store.

      1. 1


  35. 2

    nice initiative Aidan!
    I'm building techlend.co in public - a marketplace for tech professionals, not just sofware!

  36. 2

    Just started to work on https://tinyads.tk

    It's a way to get free marketing for your side project.
    The idea is to make every member a publisher and an advertiser at the same time.

  37. 2


    Online course in spanish

    Work in progress

  38. 2

    Here is mine project: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/plumm This is shared team inbox for your SaaS projects, great product for indie hackers who own more than one project

    1. 2

      following :)
      looks nice!

  39. 2

    I'm lauching ThreadOk 🧵! - A site to find Twitter thread selecting topics you like.

    ThreadOk is a platform to submit Twitter threads, browse threads by tag, upvote threads and find the most populars ones.

    Don't be shy and share some threads on threadok.com. Would appreciate it, this means a lot to us, just a couple of indie devs :)

    Give some love to the Twitter thread of the launch: https://twitter.com/teodora_dobre/status/1330217415200940033

    IH product link: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/threadok

  40. 2

    Nice !

    Still wrapping up mine for launch but check out -


    Efficient & Elegant Instructional Documents

    1. 1

      Hey nice work. Just letting you know, publicly is misspelled on your landing page. It’s spelled publicaly. 🙂

  41. 2

    a tool that generates math worksheets that you don't need to print

    a could based web crawler

    1. 1

      The math sheet maker is a very good ideal. Homeschool families and tutors might find it quite useful.

  42. 2

    https://wikidoc.io/ helps you keep you GitHub wikis up to date. Haven't worked on it too much recently sadly :(

    1. 1

      Bro with college apps I havent been able to touch one of my projects (pophurdle.com) in a while so I feel this 😂

  43. 2

    Just subscribed to your waitlist!

    I'm working on: https://pry.co

    Description: A financial planning software that makes it simple for founders & business owners to manage their budget, hiring plan, financial models, and cash runway. We integrate with QBO, Xero, and Plaid!

    1. 1

      Cheers and done!!!!

  44. 2

    Mine is a website uptime monitoring and traffic analytics for website.

  45. 2

    https://studiocinematic.com - what I want to achieve is for people to create amazing videos with close to zero skills required.
    Everything is fast, fast, fast, simple, simple, simple.

  46. 2

    Let’s do it!

    Helping early stage founders navigate the startup investment landscape: https://ventureslist.com/

    1. 1

      following :)
      are you already selling?

      1. 2

        Thank you @idogrady - Yes, since Oct ;)

  47. 2

    I made Good vibes chill vibes for feeling better : https://goodvibeschillvibes.com/

    1. 1

      super cool idea! following :)

  48. 1

    Nice one @adawg4, Just what I was looking for.

    I'm working on Overseed, a web app that helps teams design and simulate data for their applications.

    I built this for all the times we found ourselves generating data to kickstart applications, seed databases, run demos, make test data files...

  49. 1

    I built FlexibleSites.com (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/flexible-sites) a platform for nonprofits and startups to get a custom website and access to an easy CMS dashboard for their content while we handle hosting, SSL/domains and all the tech maintenance.

  50. 1

    Very clever post @adawg4!
    I just release https://astroip.co, it is a super fast IP Geolocation API with an average response time of 35ms from multiple locations around the world. The API also exposes useful security info like proxy, tor and crawler detection, and other info like: timezones, currency, geo, ASN data and more.

    I am currently running from 3 locations, but I plan on double the number of api nodes over the next month.

    IH link:

  51. 1

    Namaste IH community,

    I'm working on Deep Meditate - An Android app to help you meditate and sleep better.

    IH link: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/deepmeditate-com

  52. 1

    Nice one! It would be interesting to see other IH member's projects in one place here. Here is mine:

    URL: https://dailynewsound.com

    Slogan: the text-to-speech newsfeed

    Description: Dailynewsound is a free application that provides text-to-speech content to anyone. Our aim is to help users reduce the use of social media while keeping up to date on topics that they are only interested in. It could also be a tool for people with visual impairment and also, a means to add real-life human voice to video.

    1. 1

      Good cause! following :)

  53. 1

    Red Goose — we’ll convert your webapp into ready-to-launch iOS and Android applications. In one day. 🤙

    I really love helping out fellow entrepreneurs, and generally hangout on Twitter. You know, if you wish to follow me instead of my project.

    1. 2

      Followed you on twitter.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the follow, how can I help you? ❤️

  54. 1

    Coursegraph.io (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/coursegraph) provides online instructors actionable insights based on Udemy course data. Instructors can track historical course enrolments and revenue earned for any Udemy course which helps them to plan their next courses better.

  55. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  56. 3

    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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