Share your most successful social media posts

I'm curious what your most "successful" social media posts are? Twitter / LinkedIn / whatever... (most likes, shares, comments, retweets, yada yadda)

Let's see them! Maybe we can learn by example ;)

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    alt text
    Me on the national TV in Israel following my FB-post (in Hebrew)

    Here is my story. It was in 2014.

    In Israel, it became a usual thing to receive 1-2 unsolicited spam SMS messages per day. There is also a law allowed citizens to sue companies spamming and receiving up to $280 per message without proof of damages.

    Unfortunately, nobody would do it because they would be afraid or lazy. But I decided to sue one of the companies who spammed me.

    I spent a couple of days researching how to sue a company and a month after submitting my claim in court I was contacted by the lawyer of the company who wanted to settle. I received a check for $280 delivered to my office without even having to show up in court.

    I decided to build a service that would allow citizens to submit their spam messages and the service would take care of the paperwork and submitting a claim on their behalf. The service would take 20% of the claim compensation and only in case of a win.

    Unfortunately, this service ended up being unfeasible because of regulatory limitations. I was thinking about how I could provide value anyway. So I open-sourced the claim of the statement and prepared a tutorial for suing spammers.

    alt text
    Interview with my in the biggest economical newspaper in Israel

    It became extremely viral and I was invited to interviews on TV and newspapers. I also build an online community helping people with advice on suing spammers.

    I've helped thousands of people to be compensated by spammers. Many times after that I was even introduced as "this guy who sued the spammers" and people would be familiar with my story 😊

    (This story is from my upcoming book https://productideasbook.com/)

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      Love it! This is a great story!
      This problem is not solved in my country unfortunately.
      Even the head of telecom department get spam SMS :P

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        Unfortunately, even though this law exists in Israel it still didn't solve the problem completely. Mostly because many companies are sending messages without a way of tracking back the company who sent it.

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    The tweet that pushed me to start Zero to Marketing got 65k impressions 😱

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      That's awesome. Yeah, judging by the number of comments on IH posts that offer something for free, this makes sense.

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    This post of mine reached the top on Hacker News and my app got around 400 purchases in a couple of hours.


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      That's awesome! The app looks really useful too!

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    My first small project went viral and now it has close to 9.9M pagevisits :P

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      Wow, so cool! Is this for hashnode?

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        Haha no, just a personal one

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    The tweet which introduced our online editor for presentations.

    No idea what were the results in terms of impressions and any other stats, as we don't have analytics, but it was the most liked so far.

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      That name ;) Awesome!

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    This reddit post is the most upvote I ever received.
    It was in the top on front page of /Startups for a while.

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    Mine is absolutely the tweet congratulating my sister on her engagement

    Lessons I took away:

    • Good pictures help engagement
    • People want to be happy (for themselves and others)
    • Getting a bit personal is not a bad thing (my usual brand on twitter is all #remotework professional)
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      Love your tips, and the fact that you are being 100% honest here and not trying to pitch your product, haha.

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        Not gonna lie, I WISH my most successful tweet was one promoting a product or my business.

        But I get the sense that's not really what people on Twitter are there for. Direct promo feels weird. That said, I've seen direct promo embedded in something sassy or fun.

        On a slightly more business-ish side, my most successful LinkedIn post is about me restoring a castle.


        Lessons I took away from this:

        • Being a bit vulnerable (but not in a woe is me way - sharing my dreams)
        • Something unique (you don't often hear about professionals on LinkedIn restoring castles)
        • Tied to my work (I don't promo my business but talk about how I can continue to run it - because I'm a remote entrepreneur - and still fulfill my dreams. Similar vibes to people want to be happy for themselves and others).
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    COVID turned out hard for people at work. My co-founder and I felt going beyond general advice and get people to do something - grow their professional network quickly. So posted this about 20 hours ago and so far has received 6k views and 50+ comments.

    1K30D Challenge

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    This tweet got me 32k impressions, 90 new followers, and 10 new email subscribers:

    Short, true, but presents a thought in a slightly different light than usual (or at least I think it does)

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    I just posted what i did during lockdown and got 6000 views on my post, alot of people downloaded the app @zenfull


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      That's cool! I guess the dev community on LinkedIn is a lot more active. Maybe I should post to them ;)

      I post with growth hashtags or into the product designer group and zero interactions :( I gotta level up my LinkedIn game because right now it suuuucks

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    Feel like I'm cheating since it's not a personal account, but a couple of my themed pages have done numbers this month

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      Whoa, 51k and 41k likes?! I am interested in why you have these themed pages haha. What is the end goal here? Really curious ;)

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        By bunching all of them together, they can push somewhere between 200,000 and 1M impressions on any tweet within a few hours. I use them to sell RTs and promos for thousands a month. Brands, artists, trailers, stores, website traffic, so many random things that can be done with them. Right now, I'm starting to build a newsletter out of it with culturecrave.substack.com.

        My overall goal is to run an ESPN style app with push notifs for niches (MCU, Star Wars, etc.) and use them to market it

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          That's awesome! I used to do the same with Facebook groups (or maybe it was pages) in 2012. I had 11 million followers and could get any post to go viral ;) Those were the days... Nice to see someone still doing that pretty much.

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    Here's my most liked Tweet this month: Reply to SHL

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      Nice! I see we follow some of the same people ;) I just followed you on my @insider_growth account

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        There's probably many IHers with similar tastes!

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    "Twitter is hard in 2020" (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/twittter-is-hard-in-2020-a7d98adec7). Posted here on IH and didn't expect it to be top 1 for the whole day. 😅

    I think it took off because some of the known folks commented and it seems to be trendy to grow a following on Twitter.

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      Sweet! Yeah, I agree, Twitter is hard unless you have a public accomplishment or talk at conferences. I just followed you btw ;) @insider_growth.

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        I followed back. ✌️

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    Funnily i was just thinking about this it seems trouble ( posted a tweet about local rd block with police van in pic ) and children are a hit ( posted a video of my son clapping for carers.)

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      That's cool! Took me a while to figure out what your tool does, until I clicked through the navigation.

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