Developers June 2, 2020

Supabase, an open-source alternative to Firebase. And how to prepare for first enterprise sales negotiation.

Falak Sher @FalakSher

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How to test apps before releasing to production? by @misir

  • Do code reviews.
  • Ask second person who didn't write code to run some manual tests in your staging environment.
  • Unit-tests are nice, but they will help you from breaking things in future, not much with testing new features. Though, it does help developers to think more cases through.
  • Generative unit-tests if your language/framework allows them.
  • Use something like TestFlight or Firebase Crashlytics and App Distribution to send out betas to a select list of people who you have recruited for feedback.
  • You can also think about doing staged rollouts of features; put them behind a feature flag and then turn it on for percentages of users. That way you can minimise the number of people who might end up having a problem while you launch it (e.g. server suddenly spikes after feature launch? don't roll out to 100%)

Why you shouldn't use Chrome Web Store Payments & its alternatives by @meelis

Because it- doesn't accept payments from most of the countries.

  • no ability to create coupon codes
  • if something goes wrong with your update, eg: your extension update gets hit with a manual review, it can take up to 3 weeks to get the update pushed. Why would you set up a payment method with the webstore when they can delay (and potentially destroy) your update without any justification.
    So use 3rd party payment methods such as Stripe (Adblock using it), Gumroad, Paddle etc to collect payments and give a license key in return. Inside the app, customers need to enter their license key to use it.

Where to find illustrations for your next project by @cyber_shadow


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Who's figured out how to get enough sleep without taking medication? by @zviko

(96 comments) Things that can help You;

  • Stick to a night-time routine. It can include brushing, checking & locking all doors, reading a physical book for 10 mins, and writing a personal diary etc. And follow this order strictly.
  • Reading + no screens at least 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Meditate by using a freemium app like InsightsTimer (iOS, Android)
  • Keep a diary at the side of your bed to write all the thoughts coming into your mind. And calming your mind by SPEAKING that I will check them tomorrow. And please check them tomorrow. In this way, your mind will be calm. (I have a Bullet Journal for this)
  • Use a sleep mask or have a pitch-black room. You can even have black shades in your room.
  • Don't think of why I can't sleep now.

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5. How to prepare for my first enterprise sales negotiation? by @offlinemark

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