Using Quora to get susbcribers?

Has anyone here managed to use Quora to increase their subscribers?

I like the look & feel of the platform vs e.g. Twitter/Reddit, and the focus on longer-form content. (You can ask a question, or answer the questions of others, and I've seen folks who have gained big followings in a niche/subject area).

It seems less obvious to navigate, though, so I was curious to ask if anyone has had success with getting subscribers/customers by actively using Quora as a marketing channel? (eg. in a similar way to Reddit/Twitter, actively engaging + adding value and gaining subscribers over time)

Is it just a case of consistently providing useful answers & answering useful questions? Do you have any specific tips you can share? Thank you. :)

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    @sabba used Quora to get some of his initial traffic. He tells more about it here:


    I think the play with Quora is producing good content and over time you'll get traffic and conversations. But track it! Know if people are hitting your page from Quora.

    Here's a good article about how to market yourself on Quora but not get banned.

    Pretty much includes:
    Give valueble answers (careful to not spam your link in it)
    Complete profile page with link back to your website


    Hope this helps


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      Thanks a lot, @billatberlocks :) I'll check those pieces out, too.

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    I haven't, but just in case you don't get any other feedback:

    Yeah, I think you're right about it mostly being consistently answering questions. I think as you answer, it might be a good idea to write up common questions on your website so you can link directly (and get newsletter signups there).

    I even saw that someone here had success with Quora ads if you want to go the money instead of time route.

    This article had a few mentions of Quora as well:

    Like all things marketing, I think consistency is one of the biggest challenges. We all get caught up in marketing methods, but never commit, or the energy we put into it wanes after a week or a month.

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      Thanks, Andrew - that looks like a great article. I think you're right re: consistency... it's why I'm wanting to choose just 1 or 2 channels to commit to; one will likely be Twitter, the 2nd spot is still undecided.

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        Yeah, I guess the other problem is FOMO/fear that you chose the wrong one. Maybe you can play with a few channels to see how they do, but that's a lot of work and might not tell you which one is really the best for you.

        It's really difficult, because we're trying to create funnels, and these particular funnels are just to get to the "audience" part.

        Every. single. step. is a dropoff:

        • Just because you post a thoughtful, useful reply, doesn't mean that user will even like your post, let alone follow you or click through elsewhere (I think SEO tools might help with this - make sure you're only answering questions you know are going to get a lot of hits).
        • Say you link to your article, chances are they'll browse a little and drop off.
        • If you get them to follow you on Twitter, you're basically on the same wheel again of trying to get them to see your stuff and interact/etc.

        It's so much work, and it never ends :-P

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          ha, have you been inside my head Andrew?! ;)

          Seriously, this is the struggle though, right? This is why I try to a) do what feels right / spend time where I feel best (vs where I think I 'should' be), and b) try not to do it all at once (a work in progress!)

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            Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

            I'd add: Try to increase outreach every day/week/month. We spend so much time on code, but every person we help, every time we post somewhere, we're getting way more value than another line of code.

            I think you're doing the right thing. I'm trying. I'm inconsistent. But I see results every time I try :)

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              I think you're absolutely right. I'm not a developer myself, but the sentiment still stands :)

              Also, I think you're selling yourself short with that bio of yours... you talk lots of sense. I look forward to seeing where your journey takes you from here :)

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                I'll update my bio when I start practicing what I preach! haha

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                  you're well on your way I'm sure 😊

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    This might be the best article out there about using Quora for your growth purposes:

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      awesome, thank you!

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    General strategy with Quora is to answer questions which falls within your expertise with some regularity.

    If you want direct hits from Quora, that's easily achievable when you have your domain name in the credential(But, I think you need to cross some metric before they allow you to have a domain in the credential) when you make a good answer people directly visit
    the domain.

    But, if you want conversion i.e. subscribers for an email then that's quite hard with Quora as it's flooded with low quality, limited attention content. E.g. You can find hundreds of similar questions because the algorithm hasn't merged or the admins don't care(perhaps they just want to increase the count of questions); So, if you have answered a question with several upvotes today, you'll find the same question next week, you can merge them but that's not your job and how long would you do it?

    Then there's another issue which depends upon your personal preference when answering questions,

    Factual, scientifically accurate, subtle formatted answers get lesser views/votes than sensational, alarmist answers with attractive images even if they are inaccurate or sometimes even with fake data. This can cause you irritation or you could take this as advantage depending upon who you are and your goals.

    I've been answering Startup related questions on Quora for about a year, Although my direct hits, backlink hits are high from Quora; the subscribers for my startup blog/coaching is much higher from Reddit. I've currently slowed down my Quora activity and planning to answer only occasional high quality questions.

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      thank you. Is there a way of doing the 'merging' you describe? Interesting that you're getting more success through Reddit... why do you think this might be?

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        Is there a way of doing the 'merging' you describe?

        You can select option for any Quora question and merge with another question which has been previously answered if the questions are the same(You might require some points and mods can undo the merge as well).

        Interesting that you're getting more success through Reddit... why do you think this might be?

        Focussed community in each subreddit, reddit's subreddits are a platform of their own. So, if you participate in the subreddit of your expertise you'll surely get high quality visitors and conversions provided that the subreddit is of decent size with regular users.

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          Thank you, Abishek, on both fronts. Yeah, I think those sub-reddits can be very powerful, it's nice to hear you've had success with them/Reddit in general.

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        also, you make an important point here: Factual, scientifically accurate, subtle formatted answers get lesser views/votes than sensational, alarmist answers with attractive images even if they are inaccurate or sometimes even with fake data.

        I've noticed the same thing and, actually, it's what's put me off from submitting/re-purposing my content for guest posts on certain publications which are more focused on click-bait & conflict with my values.

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    Thanks for the mention @rosiesherry.

    Yes, @jas_hothi, not only you can get your newsletter subscribers but also you can get customers too.

    Here are some tips for you to get started:-

    1. Optimize your Quora BIO. There's a lot of improvement you can do here. Like for eg:- You can upload images, write about what you do, attach your newsletter link.

    2. Write Quora Answers in-depth & give a CTA back to your newsletter to get more subs. But remember don't spam. Value first, More value & then the CTA at the end.

    3. Always interlink your answers in between or at the end. So Suppose there's a great answer that you have wrote ( Ans A) & later you are writing Ans B ( Try to link your Ans A here at the end). This will drive more internal traffic to your answers. Concept of interlinking the same as you use in blogs.

    4. Use Images, Gifs to get more visual appeal in your answers.

    5. Use Storytelling in your answers. People on Quora love to hear stories. So try to share stories.

    All in all, it takes patience & time to Grow on Quora, but yeah eventually you will get tons of traffic on Quora.

    There are tons of other things you can do on Quora, but that would take me another day lol.

    For that, I have even written a Quora Marketing guide, in case you are interested. It's on discount too :P

    Thanks for reading this long :)

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      hey @tejas3732, thanks man. Solid tips here, and your guide looks great :)

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        Sure man, No problem :)

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    Yes :) @jas_hothi

    I created a post before around Quora and my side project as well as subscribers.

    Would be awesome to exchange ideas.

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      thank you! I'll take a look.

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    I think 'Spaces' is probably the way forward for Quora, I'm no expert though.

    I find many of the questions/answers littered with marketing spam that I just can't be bothered with.

    Funnily enough, I created a 'Community Building' Quora space over the weekend. I plan to post stuff that I find for my newsletter.

    @tejas3732 could probably advise 😊

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      thx Rosie, I hadn't come across Spaces until you just mentioned it... cool, it feels like a great fit for you with all those resources you're already gathering for your newsletter (and, I suspect, for your personal interest) :) I might end up doing the same with my content / links I share on my newsletter... 🤔

      (and thanks for tagging @tejas3732, his advice + guide look great 🙂)

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