The Simple Login Change That Boosted My Conversions

Update: It has been about a month now and around 90% of people are using GoogleLogin over normal email.

I read the below post about how @tommyjepsen added Google Login and saw a big bump.


For my travel planning app PlanMoreTrips.com, I was offering sign on via a magic email, so no passwords. I thought that was pretty simple login but after reading the other post, it convinced me to push people to login with Google first and then if they didn't have Google, they could login with email.

I added it a few days ago and now all new signups are via google, none via email link.

I don't know how many people in the past came to the site but didn't sign up because adding their email was too much work but now the results speak for themselves.

Anyone that has a site with a login component, I would recommend at a minimum add Google login to your site. I think it will 100% boost conversion and sign ups.

If you want to see how it works, you can see it in action here https://app.planmoretrips.com

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    Here are some more numbers from my experience with social logins (Google, Facebook, and Twitter): https://bit.ly/2TTlT7Q. As you can see, there is a huge breakdown between these three options, and the quality of the data that comes from Google is better too!

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    thanks good to know I currently have both google and facebook login

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      what is breakdown between both logins? I only have google. is facebook worth it?

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        if you offer google might as well offer FB and other logins as they are all using Auth0 for login just make it more convenient for the user and doesn't cost anything more than a few lines of code

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          Think there is diminishing returns with many more because then people forget which one they used. (happens to me all the time.

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    When I'm a user I'm so confused by this. Logging in with google takes just as much time as clicking on an activation link plus all the privacy concerns. I guess "average" users are different.

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      That's what I thought too because i never use them and prefer to make a email/password BUT everyone else apparently seems to use these social logins so I added it.

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    Second that. I launched my applications (https://oneprofile.info and https://oneprofile.team) the other day and out of 100 of those who signed up, 90 used Google. Social login, especially Google's, definitely helps with conversion.

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    Can you please guide me how to implement Google, Facebook and twitter authentication for building my email list. I use wordpress

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    Just had this post sent via email. Super interesting stuff, never even considered adding the google login. Thanks for the idea :)

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    Apparently there are a lot of people who try to ditch Google products due to privacy issues. There is a big hype train again google right now, but I'm glad you had had an improvement.

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      Yeah I am in that boat too but the reality is most people don't care and want the convenience. That's why I offer both options Google or email login.

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    Thanks, this is helpful. Now I am thinking about implementing Google Login in my app as well.

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    This comment was deleted 15 days ago.

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      I'd 100% make the change.

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