What is your 'day-job'? (+ what are you working on?)

So I posted this same thread a year ago, and it's always nice hearing what others are up to (and also remind myself/others that we aren't actually 'failing' when it comes to "achieving" the indie life...).

I'd love to hear what 'work' currently looks like for you. I'll share mine in the comments :)

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    Day job: software dev for Zillow
    Working on: Moon for Indie Hackers, an IH client for iOS

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      nice, Moon looks really cool btw. I'd have checked it out myself, but I recently got rid of my iPhone and went back to 'old school' Blackberry Classic, haha.

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    short version:
    day-job = 1:1 tutoring (virtual)
    projects = INFclub.co (newsletter + community for introverts), IndieAuthor.co (book to champion "indie" publishing)

    long version...

    my CURRENT work/projects:

    I'm currently working as a high school tutor (maths + sciences). Since the pandemic, my tutoring has become virtual which has actually been great for me/my energy/indie lifestyle.

    Earlier in the year, after 5 years of on-n-off blogging, I started making money (yay) from INF Club, the newsletter + community I run for introverts (specifically, INFs).

    I'm also working on a side-project sharing the stories of self-published authors to champion the "indie" way amongst the writing/author community.

    my FUTURE plans/intentions:

    I'm focusing most of my time currently on INF Club, with the hope that makes me more money. Over time, the plan is for me to sustain myself with my writing + other content (INF Club membership/digital courses/books) and other revenue streams (property rental & index funds). There's a good chance there'll be some coaching in there too, though to a lesser extent (I want to build a lifestyle of indie freedom, vs trading hours/money).

    It would be nice to be able to 'retire' (aka, for me, just spend a couple of hours a day writing/running community) by the time I'm 40. (I turn 31 next month).

    PS. I know I've added more detail than asked in the original post, so feel free to add your future goals/intentions/hopes & dreams, too :)

    PPS. I started on this journey in 2015 (when I started my first blog); I've had various blogs and it's taken a while to land on the one that feels right/has traction. We'll see what happens from here. But just a note to others here not to get disillusioned/beat yourself up if it doesn't work out straightaway... for many of us, it seems to be a journey & take a while before things start to align and work themselves out :) (see also: Dru's thread)

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      Woah, it seems like you have a lot on your plate already, haha :) Also, Why do you think you want to 'retire' ? Don't you like the tutor job? My best wishes for your future project.

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        Yeah, I got quite excited and wrote a lot more than just what I'm working on haha, it felt good to reflect "out loud" :) Good question... I think 'retirement' for me, is basically being free from worrying about making money. I still see myself working through my lifetime, on stuff I care about (e.g. creating & helping people), just without having to worry about the money ideally :)

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          I understand that now. Maybe, at certain age, we feel that way. Thank you for answering.

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    Working on FlockIn at https://flockin.co, a community for people who work alone to help them find peers for "stanup" meetings.

    Now gathering registrations and the interest.

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    Current Project:- Designtack is being developed in the background while I also am maintaining the MVP landing page, I have made for it. It is a product I am working on which is around a problem I have found resonates with me, personally, when building prokects. Soon, I will be collecting beta feedback.

    Future plans:- I think I will be focusing mainly on my personal blog as well as Designtack. I really want to put all my efforts into it until I get that 'satisfaction' internally :) College exams are coming up as well so I have to prepare for them as well.

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      nice project + blog :) best of luck in your exams!

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